‘Europeans, spend more on wars’, Trump demands, 7 July protest

This video from Brussels, Belgium is about the Trump Not Welcome march, 24 May 2017.

This year, when Trump is again expected at the NATO summit in Brussels, 11-12 July, there will also again be a big peace march against the militarism of Trump and of NATO.

Trump not welcome, 7 July 2018, Brussels

Translated from the Belgian peace movement intal today:

Do you remember? With Trump Not Welcome we mobilized more than 10,000 people last year [in Brussels] to not welcome Trump during his visit to Belgium. This summer Trump is coming back to our country. We are again preparing a warm welcome for him and the other warmongers! Will you join us?

Trump returns to our country in the summer. He is coming to the NATO summit, a meeting of the military alliance between the US and Europe. On the agenda: more military spending by all NATO countries, including Belgium.

Yes, we have to look at the controversial purchase file of the new Belgian fighter aircraft in that context. Our government hopes to show off with this billions purchase.

The Trump Not Welcome platform is calling to claim the streets back on Saturday 7 July. Sacrifices for the military at the expense of poverty reduction, social protection, tackling climate change, a humane reception policy for refugees and a diverse and inclusive society? We do not agree!

That is why peace movement intal undoubtedly will be present on July 7 in the streets with a clear message: Trump Not Welcome! NATO not Welcome! Yes to Peace, No to NATO! Will you be there?

From the site of the Belgian Trump Not Welcome coalition:

Protest March: Make Peace Great Again

7 July 3 PM – Brussels North Station

Trump will probably visit our country on 11 and 12 July for a NATO summit. On the agenda: more defence expenditure by all NATO countries, including Belgium. The Trump Not Welcome Platform calls on everyone to reclaim the streets on Saturday 7 July. We refuse to participate in this arms race at the expense of poverty reduction, social protection, the fight against climate change, humane refugee policies, and a diverse society based on solidarity. Will you join us?

Come to Brussels on Saturday 7 July, and say ‘No’ together with us to Trump, his policies, and those of his European counterparts. Let us jointly send a message:

For peace

Against the purchase of new fighter jets and the militarisation that Trump and NATO want to enforce. We want to invest our tax money in education, health care, the climate, and international solidarity! For a world without nuclear weapons!

For a liveable world

It’s outrageous: brown coal plants are reopened, and iodine tablets are distributed to protect us against the cracks in the nuclear power plants. We want a solidarity-based and decisive climate policy for a sustainable future.

For a tolerant society based on solidarity

Racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia, intimidation, criminalisation of those who seek refuge from war and of people who open up their houses out of solidarity … Rights for which the struggle started long ago are under attack. We stand up for the rights of all people, based on the principles of equality and solidarity.

For social rights

For the interests of the 99%. No to the politics of self-enrichment of governments that are governed by and for the richest 1%. We’re fed up with austerity measures. Time to invest in our society.

Does your organisation want to sign this call? Contact us via trumpnotwelcome.be@gmail.com

Join us on Saturday 7 July and let your voice be heard. Let us show that we stand united for a peaceful and sustainable future based on solidarity. United we stand!


3 PM gathering at Brussels North [railway station]

Speeches and program to be confirmed

Meeting point Railway Station Brussels North at 3 PM. Traject: Bolivar – Willebroekkaai, Saincletteplein, Negende Linielaan, Dansaertstraat, Leon Lepagestraat, Varkensmarkt, Steenkoolkaai, Kalkkaai, Yserplein, Antwerpselaan, Jaqmainpoort – Albert II right side- Simon Bolivar

What to bring

Your good humor and some noise!

Get involved

There are many ways to join us

Spread the word! Invite family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, fellow students…

Hang a poster at your window. You can get these posters soon. Or you can print the poster at home

Distribute flyers in a railway station near you. Enlist via trumpnotwelcome.be@gmail.com

Knit a pussy-cat hat in a colour of your choice. On www.pussyhatproject.com you’ll find a lot of inspiration

Send us a video of one minute max stating why you will participate in the protest march. Tweet to @trumpnotwelcome@gmail.com

Help us to organise an effective march and volunteer as a steward during the event. Enlist via trumpnotwelcome.be@gmail.com

Help us with the preparations in one of the working groups. Send an email to trumpnotwelcome.be@gmail.com

For more information: please contact us via info@trumpnotwelcome.be.

See you soon! À bientôt! Tot gauw!

U.S. ‘LOSING PATIENCE’ WITH NATO ALLIES: President Donald Trump has sent letters to the leaders of the NATO countries demanding they increase their defense spending— and threatening to scale back U.S. military presence around the world if they refuse: here.

A ‘threat’? Wouldn’t it be great if Trump would indeed ‘scale back’ the United States nuclear weapons which are at, eg, Volkel military base in the Netherlands, and at Kleine Brogel base in Belgium; nuclear weapons which officially are not there but about which everyone knows are there; if Trump would scale them back all the way back to the USA, or, better still, to dismantling?

This 24 June 2018 Dutch language video is about Greek Belgian rapper Slongs (Charissa Parassiadis) inviting everyone to come demonstrate in Brussels on 7 July.

This Dutch language video, by the Belgian Cuban society, one of scores of organisations participating, invites everyone to come demonstrate in Brussels on 7 July.

This French language video, by the FGTB trade union federation, invites everyone to come demonstrate in Brussels on 7 July.

Donald and Melania Trump will arrive in Belgium on 10 July.

Counter summit. “No to war – No to NATO”, Brussel 2018, July 8th 10 am to 6:30 pm. Institut libre Marie Haps, Brussels, Aarlenstraat / rue d’Arlon 11 – 1050 Brussels- Belgium: here.

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