Donald Trump, children’s incarcerator, more unwelcome in Britain than ever

This video from the USA says about itself:

Trump Detaining BABIES In “Tender Age” Shelters

20 June 2018

TYT Politics’ Emma Vigeland and Katie Halper discuss the latest news surrounding the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy. The Associated Press is reporting that babies and other young children are being sent to “tender age” migrant shelters.

One should hope these Trump ‘tender age’ jails will not turn out to be similar to Irish Roman Catholic homes for babies; which ended up with babies being dumped in mass graves, as was discovered many years later.

After Weeks of Lies and Cruel Family Separations, Trump Says He Will Sign Order to Save Children From Horror He Created. “Trump can sign all the executive orders he wants. It won’t change the fact that his administration chose to rip infants out of their parents arms in an effort to terrorize people seeking safety and refuge.” By Jake Johnson in the USA, 20 June 2018.

Trump Ends Family Separations by Detaining Whole Families Indefinitely. No plan is in place to return already-separated children to their families. By William Rivers Pitt, Truthout, June 20, 2018.

On World Refugee Day, Trump Gets Big Fat “F” for Treatment of World’s Displaced and Persecuted: here.

Separated Migrant Children Are Headed to Shelters With Histories of Abuse And Neglect. A Guatemalan boy was sexually assaulted by an older boy at a shelter. His mother only found out about it when she received an $800 hospital bill: here.

Lawsuit Alleges Immigrant Children Were Forcibly Injected with Psychiatric Drugs: here.

This 20 June 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

BREAKING NEWS: Babies Are Being Forcibly Stolen From Parents

The AP is now reporting that the Trump administration has been forcibly separating babies and toddlers from their parents as well as older children. There is no reported minimum age for separation. More details available at this link.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Trump’s contempt for human rights should scupper the state visit

If Theresa May won’t cancel we must mobilise the biggest protests yet when the US President lands

US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley’s announcement that Washington is quitting the UN Human Rights Council seems quite apposite given the Trump administration’s monstrous conduct towards children.

The revelation that a 10-year-old child with Downs Syndrome has been separated from her family at the Mexico-US border, following the stomach-churning audio-recording of caged infants crying for their parents, indicates that for Trump human rights is a foreign country. …

Trump outdoes his Israeli allies by using babies and toddlers as bargaining chips, interning them in wire cages and denying them their parents’ love and protection to make two political points.

One is to tell their parents, whom he designates “illegal” and worse, to leave the US and return to conflict, poverty and desperation.

The other is to blackmail Congress to back his plan for an impregnable wall along the border with Mexico or the children from the nations south of the Rio Grande get it.

He bickers with his political opponents about who passed which laws and when, but the reality is that he, as US president, could end the children’s torment without delay by a single phone call.

This man, let it be remembered, will be welcomed to Britain next month for a state visit at the behest of Theresa May whose first trip abroad after her appointment as prime minister was to Washington to declare her fealty to the emperor.

While shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry calls the incarceration of children and their parental separation “abhorrent and repulsive,” the best May can manage is “deeply disturbing. This is wrong, this is not something that we agree with. This is not the United Kingdom’s approach.”

She evoked the mythical “special relationship” with the US, claiming that, “when we disagree with what they are doing, we say so.”

We can all imagine how brief, perfunctory and half-hearted any such diplomatic aside will be and how much respect Trump will accord it.

The PM ought to have announced that the inhuman treatment of children meant that the state visit is off. Her weak-kneed response should spark yet greater support for protests against Trump’s arrival here.

TRUMP TO MEET REAL BILLIONAIRE The U.S. ambassador has revealed that Trump will meet with Queen Elizabeth II during a state visit to the United Kingdom next month. [HuffPost]

NICOLA STURGEON called on Theresa May yesterday to wind back the “red carpet treatment” for Donald Trump but admitted she may meet the US president herself. The [Scottish] First Minister said she was “glad that the president appeared to U-turn” on his policy of separating migrant children from their parents, but she stressed that “we’ve all got to be careful not to just assume that the situation now is OK”: here.

21 thoughts on “Donald Trump, children’s incarcerator, more unwelcome in Britain than ever

  1. From the USA:

    URGENT: The House will be voting on two DANGEROUS immigration bills this week. We must speak out now and oppose any bill that threatens immigrant communities and constructs the border wall »

    Send an urgent message to Congress:

    Dreamers and immigrant families are integral parts of our communities and our country. They deserve better than cruelty, harassment, and a life in the shadows. Oppose any legislation that harms immigrant communities and funds the construction of a disastrous border wall.


    We are appalled at what’s happening along our southern border, %% FIRST NAME%%.

    From the toddlers ripped away from their parents at the border to the young Dreamers losing DACA protections, thousands of children are threatened by Trump’s xenophobic and racist agenda. Trump created this crisis, but right now congressional Republicans are advancing two dangerous bills that will exacerbate the harm to immigrant communities and advance the xenophobic and environmentally destructive wall.

    Now is the moment to fight back. We cannot stay silent as Trump and Republican leaders in Congress gamble with the lives of children and advance policies that will hurt communities of color.

    Outrage is building and the cruelty toward immigrant communities is at the top of the public discourse. If enough of us speak out now, we can push our representatives to reject the two dangerous bills moving on the House floor. Now more than ever, we need you to join the fight and demand that Congress oppose this anti-immigrant legislation.

    The House could begin voting on anti-immigrant legislation this week. Sign now to tell Congress to stand against the Trump administration’s attacks on immigrant communities and efforts to build the disastrous border wall »

    We must promote policies of inclusion, safety, and security, not hate and bigotry, in our immigration system. Trump’s cruel decision to end the DACA program and draconian policies at the border do just the opposite. We cannot stay silent.

    The immigration bills moving in the House are devoid of bipartisan compromise and advance numerous parts of the the Trump administration’s hateful immigration policy. First, Speaker Ryan is pushing for a bill that slashes our family-based immigration system, guts our asylum laws, wastes billions of taxpayer dollars on an environmentally destructive border wall, and does not create a clear path to citizenship for Dreamers. And second, Rep. Goodlatte’s bill is a radical right wing Republican measure that offers nothing for Dreamers, and instead, criminalizes immigrant families. What’s worse, neither of these bills do anything to stop the Trump administration from ripping families apart.

    But there is an equitable solution: Congress can pass bipartisan legislation to permanently protect Dreamers and immigrant families, without constructing a dangerous and destructive border wall. As we mobilize to protect Dreamers and immigrant families, I want to remind you of five reasons why this fight is so important to all of us at LCV:

    All families belong together. We cannot stand by as our immigration system refuses to value and respect families. It is appalling and unacceptable.
    We believe in Dreamers. We believe that a generation of young people, who are invested in this country’s future and know no other home, are indispensable members of our communities.
    This fight is personal. Some of our staff, our volunteers, and our more than 3 million supporters are directly affected by Trump’s anti-immigrant actions. And for those of us who are not personally facing uncertainty — this is a matter of doing what is right.
    To combat the climate crisis, we must stand together. Working families and communities of color are hit the hardest by the impacts of climate change and uncontrolled pollution. This needs to change and it will take all of us to do so.
    These young people should not be used as bargaining chips in Trump’s attempt to build a xenophobic and environmentally destructive border wall. Existing fencing, barriers, and walls along the southern border have already inflicted severe environmental damage. A border wall turns a blind eye to the vital relationships of cross-border communities and undermines our longstanding values as a nation.

    The bottom line for us: The fight for environmental solutions and racial justice are inextricably linked. If we want to make real progress, if we want to protect immigrant communities, all of us need to speak out, and we need to do it NOW.

    Now is the moment to act: Stand with immigrant communities and urge Congress to block these terrible bills »

    Immigrants are an integral part of the fabric of our communities and our country. Thank you for speaking up in defense of immigrants and ensuring we remain a free and welcoming country.

    Jennifer Allen
    Senior Vice President, Community and Civic Engagement
    League of Conservation Voters


  2. LDF. Defend. Educate. Empower.
    Tell your senators to end the crisis at the border now

    In the past six weeks, at least 1,995 children crossing the southern border have been taken from their parents and placed in shelter facilities that are already nearing capacity.

    Now, following nationwide outcry, President Trump has signed an executive order ending the forced separation of parents and children – but the new policy will still imprison families indefinitely. We must continue to push for just treatment for immigrant families.

    Please call the Congressional switchboard at (202) 224-3121 to be connected with your senators. Then tell them to support the Keep Families Together Act – a bill that would provide a permanent, comprehensive and humane solution to this crisis.

    Forty-nine senators have supported the Keep Families Together Act. All of them are Democrats. This should not be a partisan issue.

    Take Action for Immigrant Children

    Call the congressional switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and tell your senators to support the Keep Families Together Act.

    We call on thinking, feeling, humane and responsible members of Congress to support this legislation, and to convene immediate oversight hearings of both the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security, which have overseen and executed this terrible policy.

    For weeks, LDF and other civil rights groups have urged President Trump to reverse this horrific policy – and he has falsely claimed that the law prevents him from taking action. At a press conference yesterday with fellow civil rights leaders, I said there are few things more appalling and immoral than this cruel policy. Watch the conference here – and then I urge you to contact your senators at (202) 224-3121.

    His action today proves he can do something – and we must keep putting pressure on Congress and the Trump administration to protect immigrant children and families.

    Contact your senators now at (202) 224-3121 and tell them you will not stand for inhumane treatment of immigrant families.

    With you in struggle,
    Sherrilyn A. Ifill
    President and Director-Counsel

    LDF. Defend. Educate. Empower.
    NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.
    40 Rector Street, 5th floor • New York, NY 10006.


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