Korea peace progress, thanks to peace activists

This video from the USA says about itself:

Korean War Finally Ending, in Huge Victory for Peace Activists

27 April 2018

North and South Korea have agreed to sign a peace deal, after nearly 70 years of war. Christine Ahn says this is thanks to dedicated activism inside and outside of the Korean Peninsula.

PEACE campaigners around the world took part in demonstrations yesterday calling for the release of hundreds of people imprisoned in Korea for refusing to join the armed forces: here.

Trump’s warning to Kim Jong-un: make a deal or suffer same fate as Gaddafi. Asked about ‘Libya model’, Trump says: ‘That model … was total decimation. That model would take place if we don’t make a deal’: here.

‘POLITICAL DUMMY’ Pyongyang has issued a new threat to pull out of next month’s summit with the U.S., citing the “unbridled and impudent remarks” of “political dummy” Mike Pence, who said North Korea “might end like Libya.” [HuffPost]

20 thoughts on “Korea peace progress, thanks to peace activists

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  6. The People’s Email Network, PO Box 35022, L.A., CA 90035

    We had already expressed our measured skepticism that there would be
    some kind of diplomatic deal between Trump and North Korea. We said
    tearing up the Iran nuclear agreement in particular would jinx the
    possibility of any such deal with North Korea.

    Well, it didn’t take long for the whole thing to fall apart.

    Today, in response to joint South Korea/U.S. military exercises,
    North Korea abruptly canceled their parallel summit with South Korea,
    and suggested the meeting with Trump might also be in jeopardy.

    The State Department says they were taken totally by surprise. We
    were not.

    Trump’s negotiating posture was a demand for unilateral and abject
    capitulation. As personified by John Bolton, who would not hold the
    position of national security advisor if Trump was not on the same
    exact Fox News hot head page with him, the U.S. is demanding that
    North Korea physically surrender its entire nuclear program, to be
    shipped out to Oak Ridge, TN, down to the last milligram of nuclear
    isotopes in their possession.

    In return North Korea would get . . . wait for it . . . we’ll think
    about it later.

    That’s what Trump means by talk of denuclearization, essentially one
    sided disarmament. A couple messages back we ridiculed Bolton’s call
    for the Libya model to be applied to North Korea. Apparently North
    Korea has now had enough time to translate Bolton’s strident Sunday
    show appearances, and they beat back on that specifically. They too
    remember what happened to Libya.

    What North Korea wants is the end of U.S. military domination of
    their peninsula, including the nuclear sword over their own heads, a
    guarantee of territorial security, and an end to sanctions, in
    exchange for giving up their sole bargaining chip, a working nuclear
    weapon, whether reliably deliverable to U.S. soil or not.

    This Trump will never agree to, as long as he’s playing the right
    wing’s favorite blow hard. He couldn’t even make a deal with Nancy
    Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, who were ready to give him everything he
    wanted on his precious fantasy wall.

    U.S. foreign policy was already to project military domination from
    one end of the earth to the other. Whether successful or not, and it
    has been decidedly ineffective in the Middle East, this was the
    baseline. Under Trump, the bomb other countries into submission
    mentality has reached a new fever pitch.

    For all the myth of Trump being such a great deal maker, the model of
    a working nuclear deal is (was) in fact the deal with Iran. The one
    Trump is so perversely trying to sabotage.

    Since his inauguration Trump and our own intelligence agencies have
    more than once certified that Iran was in compliance, as have all our
    allies. But now Trump has arbitrarily and capriciously repudiated the
    Iran agreement, and is threatening our own allies with punishment
    themselves if they honor their ends of the agreement.

    Trump says he is just delivering on a campaign promise. And yes, he
    did make inflammatory threats during the campaign about scuttling the
    Iran deal.

    But why then did Trump not do this the day he was inaugurated, as he
    did when he backed out of the TPP? What is the CAUSE NOW, what has
    changed, to now suddenly accuse Iran of being out of compliance,
    where Trump himself had already certified that they were complying?

    Trump says his personal deal-making word is not on the line in the
    Iran agreement, nor that of the U.S. because the Senate did not
    ratify it, so he feels free to break it. But when has Trump ever
    honored even his own word, as he stiffed his contractors left and
    right? This deal was ratified by the UN Security Council as well. Who
    will ever trust the word of the U.S. again?

    The North Korea summit was already likely doomed. The Iran deal
    repudiation just made that a certainty.

    So why did we even get this far?

    At no real cost to himself, release a couple perfunctory prisoners,
    dismantle a testing site he no longer even needs because his tests
    succeeded, and Kim Jong Un gets the PR of appearing reasonable on the
    world stage. And notwithstanding this own despotism, he will garner
    sympathy, some sanctions relief from China and Russia, and perhaps
    actual military support if Trump does try to bomb his way out of

    Emperor Trump gets a bunch of mindless supporters chanting about a
    Nobel Peace Prize that was never anything but delusional. Sure, Trump
    is going to Oslo in a tuxedo to collect a gold medal, sure he will.
    Why, look at all the peace breaking out in Gaza right now as fallout
    from Trump’s bonehead embassy move. At the rate he’s going, Trump
    will be lucky not to be hauled in front of a war crimes tribunal.

    For his part Sean Hannity arrogantly predicted last night, after
    heaping contempt on his usual liberal punching bags, that Kim Jong Un
    would still roll over on schedule. Got your pool entry down, Sean.
    Some fat dear leader chance of that.

    And you can demonstrate how you really feel about the debacle named
    Trump with any of our policy message advocacy gifts.

    Trump, YOU’RE Fired caps: https://www.utalk.us/?g=2:Y


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