Korea, peaceful Olympics, lethal nuclear weapons

This video from the USA says about itself:

Olympics Begin with Unified Korean Team Marching Together as Trump Continues to Threaten N. Korea

9 February 2018

In Pyeongchang, South Korea, the 2018 Winter Olympics have opened, with North and South Korean athletes marching together at the opening ceremonies. The games are seen as a pivotal moment for relations between the two countries, who have been officially at war since 1950.

In an effort to de-escalate tensions on the Korean Peninsula, North Korea has sent a 500-person delegation of athletes, musicians and performers to the Olympics. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s influential sister attended today’s opening ceremony and shook hands with South Korean leader Moon Jae-in; the pair are scheduled to have lunch together.

But as the peninsula tries to de-escalate the threat of nuclear war, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence warned the U.S. is slated to impose another round of sanctions against North Korea.

We speak to Christine Ahn, the founder and international coordinator of Women Cross DMZ, a global movement of women mobilizing to end the Korean War.

NO-ONE should be carried away by the surprise announcement that Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are to meet in the next few months, but there is no denying that it is a positive development. Predictably, the US House foreign affairs committee claims that the talks initiative that emerged from contacts between the North Korean leader and South Korean President Moon Jae In shows that sanctions are “starting to work.” If anything, it shows the opposite. Pyongyang has never previously conceded in the face of sanctions. Why should now be different? In reality, what changed has been relationships on the Korean Peninsula where Moon dropped loud-hailer diplomacy in favour of quiet contacts on the basis of equality and mutual respect: here.

KIMMY SKIPS Kim Jong Un hopped over a concrete barrier and into South Korea Friday, becoming the first North Korean leader ever to cross the heavily fortified DMZ. He was greeted with a warm handshake from South Korean President Moon Jae-in — the pair later announcing the common goal of the “complete denuclearization” of the peninsula and a formal end to the Korean War. [HuffPost]

11 thoughts on “Korea, peaceful Olympics, lethal nuclear weapons

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  2. Op 15 mei is weer de jaarlijkse ‘Internationale dienstweigerdag’. Dit is de focus op Zuid-Korea, het land met meer weigeraars van militaire dienst in de gevangenis dan de hele rest van de wereld. Er is momenteel geen vervangende dienst mogelijk, maar het goede nieuws is dat de huidige president daar wel voor pleit.

    Currently, there’s no substitute service in South Korea, so if you don’t want to go to the army, you go to jail. But the current President pledged to change this in his election manifesto, and the National Human Rights Commission of Korea has voted repeatedly to recommend that the South Korean government institute an alternative service system. See our recent news story

    So on 15th May we’ll be asking the South Korean government to take the next step, finally recognise the rights of conscientious objectors, and stop sending them to prison.

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    Meer over alle evenementen op Internationale dienstweigerdag

    Bron: WRI Via de Vredeslijst 06-04-2018


  3. Saturday, 28 April 2018


    HAILING a ‘new era of peace’, North Korea leader Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in, sealed their talks on Friday with a joint declaration.

    Among the major points of a joint statement are ‘The two Koreas agree to: • fully implement all existing agreements and declarations adopted so far between the two sides. • They agree to hold dialogue and negotiations in various fields including high level talks, take active measures to implement summit agreement. • They agree to establish a joint liaison office with resident representatives of both sides in the Kaesong industrial zone on their border.

    • They agree to jointly participate in international sports events such as the 2018 Asian Games. • They agree to endeavour to swiftly resolve the humanitarian issues that resulted from the nation’s division. • They agree to convene an Inter-Korean Red Cross Meeting to discuss and solve issues including the reunion of families separated by the Korean War. • They agree to hold a reunion programme for separated families on August 15. • They agree to implement projects previously agreed in an October 4, 2007 declaration to promote balanced economic growth and joint prosperity.

    • They agree to adopt practical steps toward connecting and modernising railways and roads between them on the eastern side of the peninsula as well as between Seoul and Sinuiju, in northwest North Korea. • The two Koreas agree to completely cease all hostile acts against each other in every domain including land, sea and air. • They agree to transform the Demilitarised Zone into a peace zone as of May 1 by halting all hostile acts and eliminating their means, including loudspeaker broadcasts and the distribution of propaganda leaflets.

    • They agree to devise a practical scheme to transform the current Northern Limit Line in the West Sea into a maritime peace zone to prevent accidental military clashes. • They agree to hold frequent defence ministerial and working-level meetings in a bid to immediately discuss and solve military issues, with the first military talks to be held in May at the rank of general. • The two Koreas reaffirm and agree to strictly adhere to a Non-Aggression Agreement that precludes the use of force in any form against each other. • They agree to carry out disarmament in a phased manner, as military tension is alleviated and substantial progress is made in military confidence-building.

    • They agree to actively pursue trilateral meetings involving the United States, or quadrilateral meetings involving the United States and China with a view to declaring an end to the War and establishing a permanent and solid peace regime.

    • They confirm the common goal of realising, through complete denuclearisation, a nuclear-free Korean peninsula.’



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