Donald Trump sabotages peace process in Korea

This 24 May 2018 video is called Trump Calls off Meeting with North Korea’s Kim.

How Corporate Media Are Undermining a US-North Korea Nuclear Weapons Deal: here.

By Elizabeth Preza of AlterNet in the USA, May 24, 2018, 6:13 AM GMT:

Trump Blindsided South Korean Allies And His Own Staff With Summit Withdrawal: Report

The news report from North Korea that appears to have set Trump off was assessed as “low-level propaganda.”

President Donald Trump’s abrupt decision to cancel, via letter, the planned summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un came as a surprise to South Korean officials and members of his own administration, the Washington Post’s Anna Fifield reports.

According to a Twitter dispatch from Fifield, who works as Tokyo Post bureau chief, South Korean President Moon Jae-in called an emergency meeting after Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo read the president’s letter to Jong-un before the Senate Thursday.

“We are attempting to make sense of what, precisely, President Trump means,” spokesman Kim Eui-kyeom said.

As Fifield notes, it’s midnight in Seoul.

NPR’s Steve Inskeep reports Trump’s decision also seems to have blindsided his own administration.

“The news seems also to have surprised much of the administration, too,” he wrote, noting that the statement Trump gave as his reason to cancel the summit (namely that Mike Pence is a “political dummy”) was assessed as “low-level propaganda.”

As CNN’s Jamie Tarabay pointed out, a number of foreign journalists were on the ground in North Korea [to report on dismantling a nuclear weapons test site] when the president’s letter became public.

“Hoping they emerge safely,” Tarabay wrote on Twitter.

How Kim-Trump tensions escalated: The more the U.S. said ‘Libya’, the angrier North Korea got: here.

War danger remains despite North and South Korean leaders holding second summit: here.

Trump and Kim agree to work towards the denuclearisation of Korea: here.

11 thoughts on “Donald Trump sabotages peace process in Korea

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  3. Positive signs on the Korean peninsula

    ARDENT cold warriors complain that the statement signed in Singapore by Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un “lacks specifics” or that the US president has made too many concessions.

    Their reasons are twofold — they want to see regime change in North Korea and they regard Trump’s agreement to halt US military exercises around South Korea as synonymous with shelving the military option.

    Let’s hope the whiners are right on both accounts. Political change in North Korea is a matter for the North Korean people and the last thing any Koreans need is another war.

    While neoconservatives hanker after foreign policy by diktat, the US president appears convinced at present that a denuclearisation deal can be negotiated cautiously.

    He recognises that the annual US-South Korean War games are “provocative,” as well as costly to the US Treasury, so why persist if he seeks agreement.

    Round one has gone to the peace camp. As Trump himself says, “let’s see what happens” as the talks progress.


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