8 thoughts on “South Korean massacre investigated after 58 years

  1. Man defects to North Koreans

    North Korea: Pyongyang’s state media reported yesterday that a South Korean citizen has defected to the North by crossing the fortified border dividing the two Koreas.

    Kang Tong Rim crossed over on Monday and was in the country’s “warm care,” according to the official Korean Central News Agency.

    KCNA reported that Mr Kang had tried many times in vain to defect while in the South Korean army.



  2. Seoul claims that defector is on run
    South Korea Officials have claimed that the agricultural labourer who is believed to have defected to the North by cutting through barbed wire at the heavily fortified border is a fugitive from justice.Jinan police official Kim In Ki asserted that Kang Dong Rim was wanted on assault charges for allegedly striking his employer at a pig farm with a hammer last month.



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