Demonstration against Trump, NATO in Brussels, videos

This video is about the 7 July 2018 demonstration in Brussels, Belgium against the militarism and other right-wing policies of Donald Trump and of NATO.

So is this video.

So is this video.

So is this video.

This 7 July 2018 video is called ‘Make peace great again!’ Crowds take to Brussels streets to protest NATO, Trump (VIDEO, PHOTO).

This is a French language video on the 7 July demonstration.

On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump will arrive in Brussels to attend a summit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) amid the greatest crisis in US-European relations since the Second World War. “For the first time,” wrote the Financial Times, “the arrival of a US president on European shores is anticipated with trepidation and even fear”: here.

8 thoughts on “Demonstration against Trump, NATO in Brussels, videos

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