Trump to NATO summit, Brussels, 11/12 July?

This video from Brussels, Belgium is about the big demonstration there against the militarism of Donald Trump and NATO on 24 May 2017.

See also here.

Dutch NOS TV reported on 13 March 2018 that on 11/12 July this year there will be another NATO summit in Brussels, with Trump probably present.

One should hope that there will again be a big demonstration then, like the one in 2017.

Belgian right-wing minister of the interior Jambon wants to protect Trump and other NATO bigwigs from hearing demonstrators shout anti-war slogans and protect the warmongers from seeing pro-peace signs. So, Jambon wants 3500 police from all over the country to stop Trump and his ilk from being aware of opposition to them. However, local police are not keen of going to Brussels, so it is not certain yet whether Jambon will get his 3500 police.

10 thoughts on “Trump to NATO summit, Brussels, 11/12 July?

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