Donald Trump very unwelcome in Britain

This video from Britain says about itself:

Asad Rehman – Together Against Trump

28 June 2018

Donald Trump is coming to Britain on Friday 13 July. By joining together in a Carnival of Resistance against his visit next month, we can show it’s not just Trump we’re stopping: it’s the racism, misogyny and exploitation that he represents, which we will uproot from our streets. Join us!

By Ceren Sagir in England:

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Trump will be met with ‘go home’ van on first day of visit

A SPOOF “go home” van will drive around central London tomorrow to welcome US President Donald Trump to Britain.

The van is a parody of the racist vans that Theresa May sent around London while she was home secretary.

The van’s message will warn Mr Trump to “go home or face protest” on the eve of widespread demonstrations against his visit, during which he will meet Ms May and Elizabeth Windsor.

The Another Europe is Possible stunt is being supported by Global Justice Now.

Another Europe is Possible spokeswoman Alena Ivanova told the Star that it was meant to highlight the “clear parallels” between Mr Trump and Ms May, especially on immigration.

“The link should be made that everything we oppose in Trump, we should also be opposed to in our own government”, she said.

Campaigners and politicians will inspect the van outside Parliament at noon, before it drives to Regent’s Park, where Mr Trump is expected to spend the night with the US ambassador. He is due to travel from dinner with Ms Windsor at Windsor Castle by helicopter.

On Friday, there will be major demonstrations, including the flying of the orange “Trump baby” blimp over Parliament Square.

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) said it will join the protest to make it clear that the visit must not be defined by Ms May’s “open arms” but opposition to Mr Trump’s “dangerous policies”.

General secretary Kate Hudson said: “Trump has torn up the Iran nuclear deal, threatened to kill millions with nuclear weapons in North Korea, and unveiled new ‘usable’ nukes, increasing the possibility of nuclear war.

“When he dropped the ‘mother of all bombs’ on Afghanistan it signalled that he won’t stop with threats. We have to recognise that a nuclear bomb could be next.”

Protesters will also gather outside the BBC’s HQ in Portland Place at 2pm tomorrow before marching to Trafalgar Square.

Britain: Home Office admits unlawfully separating man from three-year-old daughter. SAM TOBIN reports from the High Court.

Donald Trump’s visit will not be the lovefest May had hoped it would be. The demonstration against the US President on Friday is also against the Tories, writes LINDSEY GERMAN.

Britain must stop fawning on Trump’s White House. Let’s make the coming protests a challenge to an unjust order: here.

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