Donald Trump’s anti-China sabre-rattling

This video says about itself:

Australia should “cut the tag” with American foreign policy after Trump win says Keating

10 November 2016

Former prime minister Paul Keating says Australia should focus less on the alliance with the US and concentrate more on relationships within Asia. Read more here.

Paul Keating, Labor Party treasurer from 1983 to 1992, and prime minister of Australia from 1992–1996, has denounced the incoming Trump administration for threatening to “involve Australia in war with China.” While not advocating a break with the US-Australia military alliance, his intervention reflects the fears within Australian ruling circles of a catastrophic conflict: here.

Just days before his inauguration, US President-elect Donald Trump has provoked an angry reaction from China by again suggesting that his administration’s recognition of the One China policy would be contingent on Chinese concessions on economic issues: here.

Will Trump shred the Iran nuclear deal? Here.

US admiral advocates war footing against China: here.

US officials are exerting mounting pressure on both the Liberal-National Coalition government and the opposition Labor Party to push two key “foreign interference” bills through the Australian parliament this month, before a six-week winter parliamentary recess. The bills are intended to outlaw any political or commercial activity that is deemed to serve the interests of China. They also seek to criminalise many forms of anti-government political dissent, particularly opposition to Australian involvement in US-led wars directed against China: here.

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