Trump, and Trump blimp, in London

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The Trump Baby blimp, which hovered over protests in London during the president’s visit, is coming to America.

‘THIS DECISION MUST BE REVERSED NOW’ The U.S. Army has begun discharging immigrants who enlisted in the military with promises that their service would lead to U.S. citizenship, according to a report by The Associated Press. [HuffPost]

EX-FOX EXEC SHINE LANDS TRUMP COMMUNICATIONS GIG Bill Shine, the former Fox News co-president who was forced out of the job over his handling of sexual harassment claims at the network, has been named the White House deputy chief of staff for communications. [HuffPost]

MOCKING ME TOO Trump mocked the Me Too movement while ranting about Elizabeth Warren’s heritage during a Thursday night rally in Montana. [HuffPost]

The phenomenon of Trump effigies. KEITH FLETT writes on the traditions of political protests, groans, and dummies: here.

16 thoughts on “Trump, and Trump blimp, in London

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