Trump against immigrant children, causing protests

This 21 June 2018 video from the USA is called Trump Administration to Indefinitely Detain Migrant Families Together; No Plan to Reunite Separated Children.

From Pramila Jayapal in the USA today:

The Trump administration’s anti-immigrant policies need to stop. Join us on Saturday, June 30 for a nationwide protest, anchored by MoveOn and the National Domestic Workers Alliance, to demand justice for immigrant families.

Find your nearest rally

Yesterday, in response to public outcry, Trump signed an executive order trading one cruelty for another. The order ends family separation at the border but maintains so-called “zero tolerance.” And it opens the door to the INDEFINITE DETENTION of children and parents in camps. It’s not just immoral, it’s illegal.

This is the time to fight back harder.

Trump created the crisis of family separation and now, in response to the American people speaking out and mobilizing, he’s making a show out of signing an executive order to end it. He didn’t need an executive order to end his cruel policy — he could have simply told Jeff Sessions and the Department of Homeland Security to stop the abuse.

This 21 June 2018 video from the USA is called GEO Group & Private Prisons Stand to Profit as Trump Pushes Indefinite Family Detention.

No clear plan yet on how to reunite parents with children (AP News)

The executive order Trump claims will end family separation, explained (Vox)

Pentagon Asked to Prepare Housing for Up to 20,000 Migrant Children Video (New York Times)

“These Kids are Traumatized: For Migrant Children Caught at the Border, Detention is just the beginning (Vanity Fair)

We All Need to Fight to End the Separation of Immigrant Families (The Nation)

MILITARY TO HOUSE MIGRANTS Some 20,000 unaccompanied migrant children are reportedly to be sheltered on U.S. military bases, according to a Pentagon official, following a request from the Department of Health and Human Services. Meanwhile, experts say the process to reunite detained children with their families is in “total chaos.” [HuffPost]

LOCKED UP INDEFINITELY The Trump administration has filed an emergency motion in court so it can lock up migrant children indefinitely — along with their parents.  Earlier, Attorney General Jeff Sessions told the Christian Broadcasting Network that it’s “painful” to hear religious leaders condemn the policy of child separation he oversaw. [HuffPost]

This 21 June 2018 video from the USA is called Report from McAllen, Texas: No One Knows What Will Happen Now to Separated Migrant Children.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Friday, June 22, 2018

New York Mayor joins Mexican border protests against Trump

NEW YORK Mayor Bill de Blasio joined other mayors on the Texas-Mexico border today to visit a childcare centre and denounce the Trump administration’s migration policy.

He had earlier expressed shock that at least 239 children had been sent to his city after being separated from their parents on the border.

Mr Blasio pointed out that President Donald Trump’s executive order putting an end to the policy of separating families at the border involved no mechanism to reunify those already separated.

He said he had gone to a reception centre for migrant children in Harlem and emerged to reveal that he was “shocked to learn” how many children separated from their parents had been sent to New York, explaining that this single Harlem centre had received 239 children without the knowledge of city authorities.

“How is it possible that none of us knew that there were 239 kids right here in our city?” he asked.

“How is the federal government holding back that information from the people of this city and holding back the help that these kids could need?”

“The mental health issues alone, they made clear to us, are very real, very painful”, the mayor stressed.

President Trump was forced by a public outcry at home and abroad against his punitive split families policy to issue his executive order last night.

His explanation was that he “did not like the sight of families being separated.”

The president stressed, however, his administration’s commitment to its “zero tolerance policy” of criminally prosecuting anyone who crosses the border illegally.

He added that it was now up to Congress to resolve the issue, in combination with tougher immigration regulations.

Two Bills, both involving finance to build a border wall with Mexico but differing over whether to offer citizenship to so-called “dreamers” — migrants brought to the US as children — have been tabled.

Neither Bill is popular with Democrats and many Republicans are wavering or openly opposed.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, who has defended the split families policy, was confronted by angry chanting protesters during her meal in Washington on yesterday evening at a Mexican restaurant.

This 21 June 2018 video from the USA is called Lawsuit Claims Detained Migrant Children Have Been Forcibly Injected With Powerful Psychiatric Drugs.

Trump aide Stephen Miller’s great-grandfather flunked his naturalization test.

HOUSE OF PAIN The House Thursday rejected a conservative immigration bill, with a second, less hard-line bill also expected to fail in the coming days. Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) was quick to blame Democrats for the defeat, claiming they care more about open borders than migrant children. [HuffPost]

13 thoughts on “Trump against immigrant children, causing protests

  1. Dear Friends and Activists,

    Like everything else Trump, the executive order supposedly stopping
    separation of families is a total honking FRAUD.

    About half the progressive TV pundits today were doing more or less
    of an end zone dance, celebrating Trump “caving.” He has done no such
    thing. Instead, Trump has in fact tripled down, in the most deceptive
    way possible.

    In the first place, there is nothing whatsoever in the executive
    order about reuniting the thousands of already stolen children back
    with their parents. There is neither a plan for, nor even the
    slightest interest in, seeing this happen, at HHS or any other Trump
    corrupted agency.

    Accordingly, it is more URGENT than ever for you to pick up the phone
    right now to call your members of Congress, and DEMAND that all
    deportations stop immediately, at least until these mothers and
    fathers get their children back.

    Congressional Switchboard: 202-224-3121

    They are trying to get us to call them “Tender Age Shelters.” What
    kind of Orwellian BS is that?? We’ll call them for what they are . .
    Baby Concentration Camps. And they aren’t going away.

    Did you get that? The baby concentration camps aren’t going away.

    Instead, they are going to get worse.

    The executive order does NOT promise they won’t continue to
    incarcerate children. What it does instead is direct the attorney
    general to challenge the Flores court settlement, which limits to 20
    days how long children can be held WITH their parents in family
    incarceration centers.

    So they’re going to continue to lock up EVERYBODY, perhaps
    indefinitely. Yeah, they’ll keep the families together for the
    moment, the ones that have not already been torn apart.

    But if the Flores settlement is NOT torn up by the judge and replaced
    with something more mean-spirited, would you like to take a wild
    guess what happens after another 20 days to the additional children
    newly incarcerated now? Yep, it’s rip those children too out of their
    mothers’ arms, and off to the still expanding baby concentration
    camps with them.

    Then Mr. Helpless In Chief will bleat that the old meanie court won’t
    let him keep the children with their parents. And he’ll use that as
    justification for him to be even more mean.

    And that’s the best case scenario. Possibly as soon as tomorrow they
    are going to ask the Flores judge to also strike any requirement that
    children be held in licensed facilities, where they can be properly
    cared for, not that they are being properly cared for now.

    Combine that with the provision in the executive order for the
    Secretary of Defense to build new facilities to hold people, and that
    can mean only one thing. If they can get away with it, they are
    planning on building PERMANENT concentration camps on military bases,
    yeah, that’s what we said, military concentration camps, immune from
    civilian law.

    The title of the executive order frames itself as an opportunity for
    Congress to take action. And then if Congress doesn’t pass a bill
    itself escalating the meanness, making seeking asylum nearly
    impossible, he’ll continue to blame Democrats for his continuing
    human rights crimes.

    The signing of the executive order solves the problem no more than
    the equally BS North Korea summit photo op solved the nuclear issue
    there, with Kim John Un having agreed to nothing definite at all.

    In short all the phony talk of having a heart, and people are going
    to be happy with the executive order, is just another despicably
    snaky Trump con job. Nothing but another big fat Trump lie.

    The Trump horrors are just beginning. He is entirely too fascinated
    by the most murderous dictators in the world.

    And as for Trump, speak out in every other way you can with any of
    our Trump resistance message gifts.

    Trump, YOU’RE Fired caps:

    Lock Him Up Trump popcorn boxes:

    Dump Trump bumper stickers:

    Trump the Fraud bumper stickers:

    Custom Trump Resistance bumper stickers:

    The People’s Email Network, PO Box 35022, L.A., CA 90035


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