Hadrosaur ‘mummy’ discovered in North Dakota, USA

This is a video about Hadrosaur vertebrae found in 1992.

From National Geographic:

Dinosaur Mummy” Found; Has Intact Skin, Muscle

John Roach
for National Geographic News
December 3, 2007

Scientists today announced the discovery of an extraordinarily preserved “dinosaur mummy” with much of its muscles and bones still encased in an uncollapsed envelope of skin.

Preliminary studies of the 67-million-year-old hadrosaur, named Dakota, are already altering theories of what the ancient creatures’ skin looked like and how quickly they moved, project researchers say. (See pictures of the mummy dino and its preserved skin.) …

The preliminary calculations suggest Dakota could run 28 miles (45 kilometers) an hour. Tyrannosaurus rex tops out at about 20 miles (32 kilometers) an hour, according to the model. (Related: T. Rex Quicker Than Fastest Humans, Study Says [August 23, 2007])

For Manning, the finding makes perfect sense. Hadrosaurs are believed to have been T. rex prey, so evolution would have favored a faster running speed.

See also here.

Hadrosaur discovery in Canada: here.

11 thoughts on “Hadrosaur ‘mummy’ discovered in North Dakota, USA

  1. Well thats great to hear that dinosaur mummy muscles have been found. Amazingly great… they were so big.. i am wondering whether the could be more breeds ??
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