Trump’s war on children continues

This video from the USA says about itself:

From Separating Families to Jailing Asylum Seekers, Trump Admin Accused of Criminalizing Migration

5 July 2018

The Department of Health and Human Services still has not disclosed how many migrant children they are holding who have been separated from their parents at the border. Last week, HHS Secretary Alex Azar said 2,047 separated minors were still in the care of the Office of Refugee Resettlement. But the department has refused to give updated numbers, even though the Trump administration is facing a July 10 court-imposed deadline to reunite all separated children under the age of 5 with their parents.

Meanwhile, CNN is reporting the Department of Homeland Security has been taking DNA samples of immigrant children. Immigration officials have reportedly been swabbing DNA from the cheeks of children as young as 2 months old, without consent, ostensibly in a bid to later reunite children with their parents. Rights groups have condemned the move, saying it could allow the federal government to track young immigrants for the rest of their lives. We speak with Linda Rivas, executive director and lead attorney of Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center, an organization working with asylum seekers along the U.S.-Mexico border.

By Alec Andersen in the USA:

US war on immigrants continues

Trump using separated children to force “voluntary” deportations

5 July 2018

A new Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) document released by NBC News Monday has exposed the cynical effort by the Trump administration to use a court-ordered “family reunification” process to force immigrant parents with separated children into signing a document agreeing to deportation back to their country of origin.

The new policy comes in response to a court order handed down last week compelling the Department of Homeland Security and its anti-immigrant apparatus to reunite the more than 2,300 children separated from their parents under Trump’s “zero-tolerance” policy to detain and prosecute all people caught crossing into the United States without official documents.

The document, titled “Separated Parent’s Removal Form”, states that it is intended for “detained alien parents with administratively final orders of removal who are class members in the Ms. L. v. I.C.E. lawsuit”, referring to a class action lawsuit brought on behalf of separated parents in the US District Court for the Southern District of California.

Families attempting to have migrant children held by the federal government released into their custody face a major uphill battle. A report published by the New York Times on Sunday exposes not just the steep financial costs imposed on would-be sponsors, but also the labyrinthine bureaucratic system they are expected to negotiate before acquiring guardianship of the children: here.

Trump administration rescinds right of detained immigrants to in-person court appearances in New York City: here.

4 thoughts on “Trump’s war on children continues

  1. The way families at the border are being denied their rights and humanity is completely shameful. Instead of starting a new life free of fear, parents and children are being detained, trading the horrors they left behind with the terror of the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” immigration practices.

    Despite an order to stop separation, parents are facing bureaucratic red tape and incompetence when trying to locate their children. Many more parents are still detained and have no means to even start finding their children. This is not who we are as a nation — we must continue to stand against this senseless cruelty and demand accountability.

    Add your name beside Pramila’s to show that you’ll continue to fight for families at the border — call for the Trump administration to unite separated families and end their “zero tolerance” immigration policy.

    Saturday’s mass mobilization, with marches across the country, was only the beginning of our fight for the justice that immigrant families deserve. Now, we must keep up the pressure as we demand concrete change and solutions that end the Trump administration’s crisis at the border.

    Pramila is already working on legislation to create a commission tasked with eliminating ICE and restructuring its functions, starting from scratch, to ensure accountability. It’s clear that ICE is currently out of control, operating under the whims of a president who uses bigotry to manufacture threats and crises.

    Show Pramila and immigrant families that you’re in this fight with them — no matter how long it takes. Add your name if you’re ready to take action now, in the days ahead, and on the ballot in November to ensure that our country reflects our true values.

    Immigrants and their children at the border should have access to the legal aid that they need, not instant criminalization. We need to keep building fair and diverse communities — let’s make sure that happens by having the courage to lead with our progressive values.


    Thank you for taking action,

    Team Pramila


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