Trump’s war on immigrant children, update

This video from the USA says about itself:

Immigrant Parents Search for Children Snatched by Government at the Border, But Reunification Is Rare

22 June 2018

More [than] 2,300 children have been separated from their families at the U.S.-Mexico border after their parents were charged with illegal entry under the Trump administration’s ongoing “zero tolerance” policy. As concerns grow about poor coordination between Customs and Border Patrol, which takes the children, and the Office of Refugee Resettlement, which puts them into detention and foster care, The Intercept has a new report on one of the first reunifications.

We speak with journalist Debbie Nathan about a Guatemalan woman whose 5-year-old son was taken from her last month by immigration authorities in Texas after she sought asylum, and has been reunited with him after 38 days in detention. We also speak with Clara Long, a senior researcher at Human Rights Watch. “It was a lot of work that took place outside of the government system”, Nathan says. “It was really a wonderful thing, but it was exceptional.”

The American gulag. US Navy planning to build military camps to jail 120,000 immigrants. By Alec Andersen, 23 June 2018. The government is preparing massive military detention camps where immigrants—and ultimately opponents of the government—will be kept in “austere” conditions.

US court documents reveal: Immigrant children tied down, hooded, beaten, stripped and drugged: here.

Trump executive order: Indefinite detention of immigrant families, 2,300 children to remain separated from parents: here.

Child psychology expert warns of life-changing damage from child-parent separation of immigrants: here.

In the latest expression of widespread public opposition to the Trump administration’s illegal immigration policies, more than 100 Microsoft employees signed an open letter to CEO Satya Nadella published on Tuesday, calling on the company to immediately cancel its contracts with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE): here.

The United States government has implemented a policy of separating thousands of immigrant children from their parents and locking them in cages in desert tent cities. The American Academy of Pediatrics calls this “child abuse”, Amnesty International says it is “nothing short of torture”, and the United Nations denounces it as “despicable” and an “unconscionable” violation of human rights: here.

In the aftermath of the family separation policy, the Trump administration and some Republicans in Congress tried very hard to deflect the blame, casting it on the courts, the Democratic Party, or denying the policy existed at all. Since that time Trump and his allies have told innumerable lies in a series of talking points wildly untethered from reality. Roque Planas, a HuffPost reporter who covers immigration, broke down those lies in a story last week.

7 thoughts on “Trump’s war on immigrant children, update

  1. Dear Friends and Activists,

    It’s now clear that thousands of innocent children, including crying
    little babies, have been stolen from their parents and essentially
    scattered to the wind by the bottomless evil of Donald Trump. And
    nobody can tell us how MOST of them will EVER be reunited.

    That is why we have rushed into production a new “Where Are The
    Children?” bumper sticker, with a powerful graphic of a heart broken
    into widely separated pieces. And were going to ship these out as
    fast as we humanly can if you request yours now.

    Where Are The Children? (Broken Heart) bumper stickers:

    We’re making bulk packs of these available at the same time, to
    spread the word to every corner of the country where they may be
    trying to hide these lost children.

    Where Are The Children? (Broken Heart) bumper sticker bulk packs:

    It is now clear that, whether by heartless plan or by callous
    negligence, Trump’s monstrous intent was to permanently tear up these
    families to punish them for the “crime” of seeking asylum from the
    United States of America, the now FORMER world symbol of justice and

    Yesterday at an immigration hearing it was argued that it was not
    relevant where a mother’s child might be. The Republican judge was so
    angered by the heartless disdain of the government attorney he
    literally slammed his fist on the bench, sending a pen flying.

    It is now clear that absolutely no provision was made when their
    these desperately sobbing children were seized to make a record that
    would even theoretically allow them to be associated with and
    returned to their real mother and fathers. So when they tell us that
    it’s no problem, that they know how to do this, they are . . .

    What’s the word for what they are doing here? Did you ever struggle
    to find the perfect word to characterize or describe something?

    Right, here it is . . . they are LYING.

    Lying, lying, lying, lying and more LYING.

    They won’t let the media in to see what is actually going on. They
    won’t even let mayors of their own cities or governors of their own
    states have access.

    And there is no end in sight of the still to escalate family wrecking
    on this child snatching railroad.

    Today Trump confirmed our reading that, executive order or no
    executive order, with or without a pretentious prop signature to wave
    in front of TV cameras, “ultimately” even more children will be
    ripped from their mothers arms. Just as we predicted, in just 20
    days, if the judge in the Flores case won’t reauthorize appalling
    inhumanity, and they won’t, Trump resumes grabbing breast feeding
    infants from their mothers arms again.

    How many more? Yesterday, Trump ordered the Department of Defense to
    provide space for 20,000 orphans, TWENTY THOUSAND more, on military
    bases where nobody else will be able to get in, literal black op
    sites for babies.

    Trump has got to be stopped. YOU’VE got to stop him. By speaking out
    about the most disgraceful and despicable depravity since the first
    time America set up its own concentrations camps.

    If you will ever speak out to demonstrate against anything,
    demonstrate about this. DEMAND that everything else grind to a halt
    until these children are located. Whether it takes a massive DNA
    testing program or whatever. Whatever it takes to try to wash away
    this shameless national stain.

    This is no longer about who Donald Trump is. For a long time that has
    been abundantly clear for those with ears to hear and eyes to see.

    This is now about who WE are. And this is NOT who we are.

    Except for those who remain silent now. That is who THEY are.

    And please forward this message to everyone else you know on your own
    email lists.

    The People’s Email Network, PO Box 35022, L.A., CA 90035


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