Trump’s Mexican border wall threatens humans and wildlife

This video from the USA says about itself:

U.S.-Mexico Border Wall: Are Animals at Risk? | National Geographic

5 September 2017

President Trump’s plan to dramatically expand the border wall between the United States and Mexico has been subject to passionate debate, but one thing that’s certain is its detrimental impact on wildlife.

Like earlier border walls by, eg, George W Bush; and barbed wire around, eg, Hungary already do.

The Washington Post, citing unnamed government officials, reported Friday that the Trump administration is considering a proposal to tear immigrant children from their parents when families are captured crossing the US-Mexico border. A Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official told the Post that “People aren’t going to stop coming unless there are consequences to illegal entry”: here.

An investigation by USA Today found that the government drastically underreports the number of immigrants killed attempting to cross the US-Mexico border. The investigation, titled “Uncounted deaths fuel ‘mass disaster,’” revealed that the number dead in the past five years surpasses official totals by anywhere from 25 percent to 300 percent in California, New Mexico and Arizona. In other words, up to 27,000 immigrants may have died crossing the border in the last two decades, far above the official Customs and Border Protection (CBP) total of 7,209 dead over that period, if the totals from the last five years track back to 1998, the first year for which CBP provides statistics: here.

Trump visits border wall prototypes in California to “pick the right one”: here.

28 thoughts on “Trump’s Mexican border wall threatens humans and wildlife

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