Roadrunner at Trump’s border wall photo nominated

Roadrunner at Trump's brder wall, photo by Alejandro Prieto

This photo, by Mexican Alejandro Prieto, shows a roadrunner at Donald Trump‘s United States-Mexico border wall.

It has been nominated in the World Press Photo competition.

This 15 February 2020 video says about itself:

What is the impact of Trump’s border wall? | DW News

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper has justified diverting nearly 4 Billion dollars from … other programs to fund a border wall with Mexico. President Donald Trump says around 200 kilometers of the border fence have been finished. The president ignored criticism of the shift in funds, and talked instead about how much was being built, as well as making claims about people trying and failing to climb it. DW’s Cai Nebe and Luisa von Richthofen delivered this report from Arizona, where construction is in full swing, cutting through conservation areas and heritage sites. So what impact is the wall having on the communities and environment it cuts through?

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