Bankers bankrolled Austrian racist Haider

This video is about the history of fascism, including in Austria. It says about itself:

Hitler Takes Austria

In September 1937, Mussolini visited Germany. Hitler put on a major display of military power for Mussolini and by the end of the visit, Mussolini became convinced that Germany was the power he should ally with. He was sure that an alliance with Germany would lead to Italy becoming more powerful throughout Europe.

As Germany had left the League of Nations in 1933, so Mussolini left the League in 1937 after the League had imposed economic sanctions on Italy for the invasion of Abyssinia.

In 1938, Germany occupied Austria in the Anschluss (forbidden by Versailles).

By Markus Salzmann in Germany:

How big business financed a radical right-wing party in Austria

26 January 2010

The public prosecutor’s office in Munich recently extended its enquiry into the enormous losses incurred by Germany’s Bayern LB (Bavarian State Bank) in its dealings with the Hypo Alpe Adrea Bank (HGAA) in Austria. At the same time, a commission of enquiry was appointed in the Bavarian state parliament. Since then, details about cooperation between banks, state institutions, political parties and criminal elements have become increasingly evident.

The so-called “rescuing” of the Hypo Alpe Adria Bank cost the Bavarian treasury almost €4 million. This is to be shouldered by the population in the form of cuts in social spending. Meanwhile, it has become glaringly obvious that—together with a group of super-rich investors—the radical right-wing Carinthian state government and the political party of former Carinthian Prime Minister Jörg Haider were among the principal beneficiaries of the BayernLB’s shady and apparently semi-criminal transactions.

Two-and-a-half years ago, the BayernLB state bank became majority shareholder in the HGAA and was soon saddled with heavy losses. In the wake of the financial crisis last year, the Bavarian state contributed €10 billion to save Germany’s second biggest state bank from insolvency.

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