41 thoughts on “Nicaraguan Contras’ drug trafficking and the CIA

  1. I find it so interesting how the general population puts on blinders regarding CIA shenanigans, This becomes grist for the conspiracy mill while utter fabrication stands as fact. Keep on doing what you do, and thank you for posting the story 🙂


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  17. Monday 22nd February 2015

    posted by Morning Star in World

    NICARAGUAN liberation theology priest and former Sandinista minister Fernando Cardenal died in the capital Managua on Saturday at the age of 82.

    The Jesuit joined the Sandinista rebels after they overthrew the dictatorship of Anastasio Somoza in 1979, first leading a widely praised literacy campaign and then serving as education minister.

    The participation of priests such as Father Cardenal, his poet brother Ernesto and Miguel d’Escoto in the left-wing government angered Pope John Paul II, who defrocked them in 1984.

    In his open Letter to my Friends that year, Father Cardenal wrote: “I cannot conceive of a God that would ask me to abandon my commitment to the people.”

    He was readmitted to the Jesuit order in 1997 and until his death headed the Nicaragua office of Fe and Alegria, the order’s education programme for poor communities.

    The agency praised his “tireless struggle to defend the rights of the most vulnerable.”



  18. Tuesday 8th November 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    NICARAGUAN President Daniel Ortega has overwhelmingly won re-election to serve a third consecutive term, the Supreme Electoral Council announced yesterday.

    With about two-thirds of the ballots counted in Sunday’s six-candidate presidential race, Mr Ortega had more than 71 per cent of the votes, running in tandem with his wife Rosario Murillo as his vice-presidential candidate.

    Emerging with her husband after casting their ballots shortly before the polls closed, Ms Murillo called the vote “an exemplary, historic election.”

    Supreme Electoral Council head Roberto Rivas said that 65 per cent of the country’s 3.8 million registered voters had participated in the election, despite an opposition call for a boycott.

    The main right-wing opposition movement, the Broad Front for Democracy, claimed that “more than 70 per cent” of voters had not cast ballots.

    The president and his Sandinista National Liberation Front have benefited from steady economic growth, social programmes and low levels of violence compared to neighbouring Honduras and El Salvador.



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  21. Nicaragua blockade plan angers Alba

    CUBA: Progressive regional states grouped in the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America — People’s Trade Treaty (Alba-TCP) hit out at US Congress plans on Tuesday to impose an economic blockade on Nicaragua.

    The bid to reintroduce a draft Bill known as Nica-Act “constitutes a perverse intention to impose an economic blockade on … Nicaragua,” the alliance stated.



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