Baltimore oriole couple at New York feeder

This video from New York state in the USA says about itself:

Male and Female Baltimore Orioles Visit Cornell FeederWatch Cam – May 5, 2020

A male and a female Baltimore Oriole stopped by the Cornell Lab FeederWatch cam, giving us a chance to examine their plumage differences. Adult males are flame-orange and black, with a solid-black head and one white bar on their black wings. Females and immature males are yellow-orange on the breast, grayish on the head and back, with two bold white wing bars.

A half-century of controversy over two popular bird species may have finally come to an end. In one corner: the Bullock’s Oriole, found in the western half of North America. In the other corner: the Baltimore Oriole, breeding in the eastern half. Where their ranges meet in the Great Plains, the two mix freely and produce apparently healthy hybrid offspring. But according to scientists, hybridization is a dead end and both parent species will remain separate: here.

4 thoughts on “Baltimore oriole couple at New York feeder

  1. What a very lovely video – so much going on, but soothing to watch. And the ‘off-stage’ soundtrack of other avian doings. Which reminds me that in African traditional tales birds are very often the benign messengers who resolve human conflict.


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