COVID-19 update, Europe

This 1 May 2020 video from London, England says about itself:

Hackney residents marked May Day by blockading a completely non-essential construction project – commissioned by the local Labour council.

The mayor of Hackney is saying that “the Council is continuing to follow the Government’s guidance on construction sites, and work is continuing only where it is safe to do so.”

The government forced the Construction Leadership Council to change their original advice on social distancing (that no construction work should continue if 2m social distancing wasn’t possible) when it dawned on them that all construction would have to shut in that case. Now they are going to change it again to do away with social distancing on construction sites completely.

UNITE the Union strongly oppose this dangerous change in the rules – which were already causing the pandemic to spread like wildfire.

The government advice is putting people in serious danger, has already led to deaths and is undoubtedly responsible for hundreds more – and as a Labour council they should follow the advice of health workers who are calling for construction to be shut down, not a government who is more concerned about keeping the economy going than keeping people safe.

Financial oligarchy turns UK into a killing field. By Chris Marsden, 6 May 2020. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s “herd immunity” policy has cost the lives of tens of thousands in the UK, with the government lying about the real death rate, and doing nothing to prevent the spread of infection.

UK coronavirus death rate at record high in Europe as fatalities pass 32,000. By Robert Stevens, 6 May 2020. Deaths reach record levels as thousands of new coronavirus cases continue to be reported daily in Britain—with another 4,406 yesterday and a total of 194,990.

UK HAS HIGHEST NUMBER OF CONFIRMED DEATHS IN EUROPE The UK now has the highest number of confirmed coronavirus-related deaths in Europe and the second-highest in the world, after the U.S. New data shows a total of 32,375 deaths involving COVID-19 have now been registered across the U.K. through May 2, surpassing Italy’s total of 29,079. Only the U.S., with 69,925, has reported more deaths linked with coronavirus. [HuffPost]

Coronavirus, the NHS and the charity shakedown. By Julie Hyland, 6 May 2020. Social care provision in the UK increasingly resembles that of the Victorian period when the lives and wellbeing of millions depended on philanthropy.

Playing Russian roulette with hundreds of thousands of lives. German big business demands end to lockdown. By Peter Schwarz, 6 May 2020. Two weeks after the initial lifting of some of the coronavirus lockdown’s restrictions in Germany, demands for its total abandonment have reached fever pitch.

French mayors oppose ‘forced march’ to reopen schools: here.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today about France:

Macron blunders with mask

Social media is poking fun at President Macron and his visit to a school west of Paris. The president was wearing a face mask, but French media are now continuously showing the things that Macron was doing wrong.

He regularly touched the fabric of the mask, which the French government officially advises against. At one point he even pulled his mouth mask completely away from his face.

He also sometimes had his mask too low, completely under his nose, so that protection was nil. The Minister of Education was also present and also had his hands on his mask. And a local politician leaned over to Macron in the classroom to whisper something in his ear, keeping no distance.

Denmark buys unreliable antibody tests to enforce back-to-work amid COVID-19 pandemic. By Jordan Shilton, 5 May 2020.

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