Costa Rican birds, bye-bye!

This video is called Amazing hummingbirdsCosta Rica.

31 March 2014.

After yesterday, today departure from Costa Rica.

To Panama and beyond.

Early in the morning on the bird table: clay-coloured thrush and blue-grey tanager.

Also buff-throated saltator and rufous-collared sparrow.

This video from Colombia is called Buff-throated Saltator, Silver-throated & Lemon-rumped Tanagers.

On our way to the airport: great-tailed grackles.

15:00, Panamanian time: a great-tailed grackle flies past a window at Panama City airport. Like when this journey began; closing the circle.

Bird book about Costa Rica: here.

The Birds of Costa Rica: A Field Guide (Second Edition): here.

Birds and beetles in Costa Rica: here.

Great-tailed grackles: here.

SAN JOSE, Jul 26 2016 (IPS) – While Latin America keeps expanding its agricultural frontier by converting large areas of forest, one country, Costa Rica, took a different path and it’s now a role-model for a peaceful coexistence between food production and sustainable forestry: here.

9 thoughts on “Costa Rican birds, bye-bye!

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