‘Stop European Union-Turkey anti-refugee deal’

This video says about itself:

10 March 2016

We have been experiencing conditions in the refugee camp Idomeni near the Greek-Macedonian border. We met people living in an extreme environment full of smoke, garbage and feces.

Refugees face death and despair on Greek-Macedonian border: here.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Aid organizations: refugee deal is unworthy of Europe

Today, 03:38

“Not borders, but people must be protected.” Four organizations made that call to Prime Minister Rutte at the start of the EU summit on the refugee crisis. “It is time for Europe to have human rights center stage again,” they write in a joint letter.

Today and tomorrow the European leaders will talk about a deal with Turkey. That deal should put an end to the large flow of refugees to Europe. Oxfam, Save the Children, Médecins du Monde and Refugee Foundation found that the agreement in principle of last week violates refugees‘ rights.

“Where are we most concerned about is that people’s rights are bartered for political purposes,” said Save the Children director Pim Kraan to the NOS Radio 1 news.

Nothing to lose

The aid agencies write that the measures “are only aimed to defuse Europe’s own political crisis.” The agreements endanger the lives of “tens of thousands of people fleeing war, poverty and violence”. “Selective border closures which currently cause degrading situations for tens of thousands of people and the imminent exchange of people with Turkey are unworthy of Europe”, write the organizations.

“In the refugee camps we see more and more people with mental health problems. People have nothing to lose,” Kraan said. “There is no shelter, no protection against the cold, and aid agencies have no access. We tried to help people sitting between barbed wire with newborn babies, but we are not allowed to reach them. These are not the moral values ​​on which Europe is built. This really can not continue.”

“Yes, we have a challenge,” Kraan admits. “But, as a comparison: we have not nearly reached the level of care of the Kosovo crisis. I think it is important that political leadership is shown. We should not say that the refugee problem undermines the welfare state. That’s not true. We should not say that half of the refugees are adventurers. That’s not true.

Frans Timmermans, Dutch European Commission fat cat, falsely claimed that 60% of refugees were supposedly not real refugees.

People are unnecessarily bombarded with ‘facts’ that are not correct”, says Kraan.

MoU with Turkey

The government politicians just over a week ago concluded a memorandum of understanding with Turkey. That statement implies that Turkey will take back all refugees crossing to Greece. On condition that European countries will accept some recognized refugees from Turkish refugee camps. EU leaders today and tomorrow hope to turn intentions into firm commitments.

German migration expert lambasts Europe for ‘war against refugees‘. Europe is at “war” against refugees and Chancellor Angela Merkel is using “double-faced” rhetoric of welcome and repulsion, said German migration expert Klaus Bade. He called the EU’s overtures to Turkey “scandalous.” Europe’s “refugee crisis” is a rhetorical misnomer that has cast refugees who risk the Mediterranean and Aegean crossings as security threats instead of seeing them as individuals desperately seeking help, said migration expert Klaus Bade: here.

Refugee crisis: Migrants arriving on Greek islands to be sent back within days if Turkey deal goes through: here.

European Union chiefs determined to reach deal with Turkey to deter refugees: here.

22 thoughts on “‘Stop European Union-Turkey anti-refugee deal’

  1. Friday 18th March 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    Summit seeks agreement on deal with Turkey

    by Our Foreign Desk

    EU LEADERS in Brussels pushed ahead with plans for the mass deportation of refugees to Turkey yesterday — even as Germany shut its embassy in the country.

    German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said the embassy in Ankara and the consulate in Istanbul had been closed because of “concrete indications” that terror attacks on them had been planned.

    Turkey’s bloody crackdown on Kurdish areas and aggressive persecution of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s critics in the media and academia have raised questions over the EU’s proposal to return refugees en masse to the country.

    The UN Refugee Agency says Brussels’s scheme breaches international law and has voiced “strong reservations” about Turkey’s asylum standards.

    But EU Commission vice-president Frans Timmermans said there was no alternative: “How are you going to help Greece without having an agreement with Turkey? Do you really want to condemn Greece to become a refugee camp for the rest of Europe?” he asked.

    Over a million people have sought safety in Europe in the past year after fleeing war and genocide in the Middle East, particularly in Syria where Islamist terrorists backed by Turkey and Saudi Arabia are seeking to overthrow the Bashar al-Assad government.

    Many European countries have baulked at allowing them in, however. With Austria, Hungary, Macedonia and others shutting their borders, tens of thousands are stuck in Greece, where an economy bankrupted by EU-imposed austerity is struggling to cope.

    Whether a solution can be agreed in Brussels is in doubt. EU Council president Donald Tusk said yesterday that he was “cautiously optimistic, but more cautious than optimistic.”

    Cyprus has threatened to veto a deal which accelerates talks on Turkey joining the EU while Ankara refuses to recognise the island’s government or allow its ships to dock at Turkish ports.

    Spain objects to the blanket return of refugees to Turkey, while Hungary has ruled out resettling anyone.

    Greece is calling for the EU to impose sanctions on countries which don’t accept refugees, arguing that Europe should not contain “fortress states.”

    What is in the EU proposal?

    1. Turkey would prevent people from leaving for Europe and would take back “new arrivals” from Greece if they are not deemed eligible for asylum
    2. For every “irregular migrant” returned to Turkey, EU countries would take in one Syrian refugee from Turkey, up to a maximum of 72,000
    3. The EU would provide Turkey with up to €6 billion (£4.7bn) to help cater for the 2.7 million Syrian refugees there
    4. Visa regulations for Turkish citizens would be eased and talks on membership of the EU would be sped up. So far over 10 years of negotiations Turkey has closed just one of 35 “policy chapters” it must complete to be able to join



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