‘Admit child refugees’, ex-refugee from Hitler says

This video from Britain says about itself:

Journeys to Safety: Memories of the Kindertransport

21 January 2014

This is our second short film to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day. Prior to World War II, many children made journeys through Europe to escape the Nazis and the growing wave of anti-Semitism. The memories of those who travelled to safety as part of the Kindertransport programme are shared. The film also marks the 75th Anniversary of the Kindertransport programme (1938 – 2013).

Initiated by appeals from British Jewish leaders and non-Jewish agencies to the British Government, the Kindertransport was an organised programme to allow the temporary admission of unaccompanied children and teenagers up to the age of 17 years into the United Kingdom prior to the outset of World War II.

The first transports left Berlin on 1 December 1938, the last left Germany on September 1 1939. In all, nearly 10,000 mainly Jewish children escaped certain death had they remained in Nazi occupied Europe.

By Peter Lazenby in Britain:

Lord calls on PM to take in child refugees

Saturday 6th August 2016

A PEER who was a refugee from the nazis has called on the government to show “more humanity and intelligence” towards child refugees than was shown by the Chamberlain government as World War II approached.

Lord Alf Dubs came to Britain from Czechoslovakia as part of the 1938-39 Kindertransport campaign to get Jewish children out of fascist countries, led by Sir Nicholas Winton.

In a letter delivered to Downing Street, also signed by actors Vanessa Redgrave and Aislin McGuckin, Lord Dubs requested Theresa May’s “urgent intervention” in reuniting children living in the Calais camp with their families in Britain.

They said post-Brexit Britain offered an opportunity for politicians to make progress with the refugee crisis.

Charity Citizens UK says 170 children in Calais have “a right to relocate to Britain in order to reunite with their families.”

“If the rights of these children are not upheld they are left with an appalling choice between train tracks on the one hand, and the very traffickers you have challenged every step of your career since you became Home Secretary in 2010,” the letter states.

“I deeply hope that your government may show more humanity and intelligence than the Chamberlain government showed to the Jewish people until after Kristallnacht in mid-November 1938,” said Lord Dubs, referring to the Nazi Party’s infamous attack on Jewish people, shops and synagogues.

“I’m convinced that British people have got this humanitarian wish that these children should be here. We can give some of them, at least, safety in this country.”

Lord Dubs was six when the nazis invaded Czechoslovakia.

How Chamberlain paved the way for world war. JOHN ELLISON looks back 80 years to the signing of the Munich agreement, which authorised Germany’s occupation of the Sudetenland: here.

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