European Union wants ‘Turkish’ anti-refugee deals with Africa, Middle East

This video says about itself:

Vincent Chetail on the principle of non-refoulement in international law

4 January 2016

To watch the full lecture, please go here.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

EU wants to force countries to take back migrants

Today, 16:43

The European Commission wants to punish countries in Africa and the Middle East if they do not cooperate in the refoulement of refugees. Anyone who participates will be rewarded. The combination of carrot and stick must ensure that refugees will no longer travel across the Mediterranean to Europe, because they know they will be sent back.

In March, the EU made arrangements with Turkey, in which Turkey undertook to stop refugees. …

And then, the Turkish government sends refugees, forced back by the European Union, further to the wars in Syria, Afghanistan, wherever the refugees fled from.

The European Commission will now make similar agreements with countries in the Middle East and Africa, said Commissioner Frans Timmermans this afternoon in Parliament.

Seven countries

The European Commission wants to agree initially with seven countries: Jordan, Lebanon, Niger, Mali,

Let us have a look at why refugees flee from Mali.

– Like other West African countries, Mali was not poorer than Europe in the Middle Ages. However, later came the trans-Atlantic slave trade; then (French) colonialism; then neo-colonialism. This made for the hunger and dire poverty in Mali and other African countries today.

– In 2011, NATO started a bloody war for oil and regime change in Libya. The bloodshed spread to other African countries, including Mali, enabling al-Qaeda-ish religious fanatics.

– In 2012, a Malian military officer, General Amadou Sanogo, educated by Africom, an affiliate of the United States Pentagon, did a coup d’état and established a cruel dictatorship.

– French and other NATO soldiers started a ‘humanitarian’ war in Mali. A war in which certainly not just jihadists, but also their neo-colonial opponents commit cruel violations of the rights of civilians. Not so surprising if one knows that a major component of the French troops are the Foreign Legion, infamous from France’s colonial wars and from recruiting many of Hitler’s SS men post 1945.

French soldier in Mali with skull mask

This photo of a French Foreign Legion soldier, part of the invasion of Mali, shows the real face of that war.

That war is not “against Al Qaeda terrorism” (supported by the French government in Libya, and still in Syria). It is not for women’s rights, human rights or secularism.

So, now the European Union wants to return Malian refugees to a country where there is death everywhere?


Let us have a look at why refugees flee from Ethiopia.

In Ethiopia, there is hunger.

There is a dictatorship, waging war against its own people and civilians in Somalia (as allies of the Pentagon).

The dictatorship cruelly punishes people for blogging or journalism; for demonstrating against discrimination of Muslims; for demonstrating against ISIS; etc.

So, now the European Union wants to return Ethiopian refugees to their dictatorial oppressors, maybe to torture prisons?

Senegal and Nigeria. If successful they will get more development aid, trade benefits and money to improve border surveillance.

So, presumably, money for barbed wire, like in Orban’s Hungary. And for paying soldiers to shoot desperate refugees trying to cross that barbed wire.

If not, they will be punished, for example by cutting development aid or withdrawal of trade benefits. Later, there will be agreements with other countries.

In November, European and African countries already held a summit in Malta. There, African countries were promised billions for education, health care and food projects if they would take back more rejected refugees. The question was: who would pay? [European Union] member states were supposed to contribute 1.8 billion euros. That money is still not there.

If European Union politicians seriously want less refugees to flee to Europe, then a much more humane way would be to stop waging ‘humanitarian’ war after war.

Sending back refugees from Europe to Mali war zones: here.

32 thoughts on “European Union wants ‘Turkish’ anti-refugee deals with Africa, Middle East

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  4. Wednesday 24th
    posted by Morning Star in World

    by Our ForeignDesk

    GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel called yesterday for more Turkey-style refugee deportation deals between the EU and north African nations.

    Under the controversial EU-Turkey agreement, Ankara will take in deported non-Syrian refugees arriving by sea in Greece and Italy in return for planeloads of Syrians on a one-for-one basis.

    Most Syrian refugees — more than a million — have been accepted by Germany, which has historically sought migrant labour from abroad. Ms Merkel has urged German firms to employ more Syrians.

    “We must agree on similar deals with other countries, such as in north Africa, in order to get better control over the Mediterranean refugee routes,” she told regional daily Neue Passauer Zeitung.

    “Such agreements are also in the interest of the refugees themselves,” she claimed.

    “It is safer for them and there are good reasons for them to remain in Turkey, close to their homeland, where the cultural and language barriers are lower,” the chancellor said, defending the deal as “correct, as before.”

    That deal is now in jeopardy as the EU has reneged on its promise of visa-free travel because of Ankara’s crackdown on suspected supporters of last month’s failed coup.

    Ms Merkel appeared to rub salt into that wound when she told the Ruhr Nachrichten daily that Germany’s roughly three million citizens of Turkish decent should be more loyal.

    “We expect of people of Turkish origin who have long lived in Germany that they develop a high degree of loyalty to our country,” she said.


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