Refugee refoulement illegal, European Union still does it

This video from the European parliament says about itself:

11 March 2016

Intervention of Konstantinos Papadakis [Greek] MEP of KKE on the discussion in the Plenary about the “Refugee emergency, external border control and future of Schengen – Respect for the international principle of non-refoulement – Financing refugee facility for Turkey – Increased racist hatred and violence against refugees and migrants across Europe”.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands today:

Refugees who are not entitled to asylum in Europe will just be returned to Turkey starting next Monday. Despite criticism by Amnesty International and UNHCR of the Turkish government.

The European Commission says it is scrutinizing criticism, but maintains that the refoulement according to the deal will begin on Monday ….

Amnesty says that Turkey massively sends refugees back to the civil war in Syria, which, according to the organization is in breach of international treaties.

Bad situation in refugee prison camps in Greece, UNHCR says: here.

Illegal refoulement of refugees from Greece to Turkey: here.

34 thoughts on “Refugee refoulement illegal, European Union still does it

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