European Commissioner Oettinger’s anti-Chinese racist insults

This 31 October 2016 video is called EU commissioner Oettinger in ‘racism’ row over China speech.

Translated from Marc Peeperkorn in Dutch daily De Volkskrant today:

European Commissioner Günther Oettinger (Digital Economy) apologizes for his derogatory remarks about Chinese as ‘gooks‘. The excuses come after a week of rising protests that not only undermined the position of the German Commissioner but that of the entire European Commission. …

Beijing reacted indignantly to Oettinger’s statements, but Commission President Juncker did not want to publicly dissociate himself from them. …

Oettinger denies that he has dismissed Wallonia – which opposed the CETA deal with Canada – as a communist region. …

Precisely last Friday Juncker nominated the German as successor of the Bulgarian Commissioner Georgieva, who will leave for the World Bank later this year. Oettinger then would get the EU budget under his wing, a major and influential role. He also possibly may become Commission Vice-President. Because of his Hamburg speech this promotion meets with resistance in the European Parliament.

Oettinger is not considered to be a strong commissioner, but he has the support of his fellow [CDU] party member Chancellor Merkel. …

He suggested that in EU buildings in 2011, the flags of countries which act against the rules of the Stability Pact should be at half-mast. In the same year he said that Greece should temporarily transfer its fiscal policy to Brussels. …

In 2015 it was again Greece that he attacked. According to Oettinger, Prime Minister Tsipras and his former finance minister Varoufakis ‘raged like bulls in the European china shop.’

A POLITICIAN from Angela Merkel’s party has sparked fury after claiming an Eritrean migrant who threw a bin at a judge in court should be sent to a “crematorium” as punishment for his actions: here.

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