Tunisian fishermen stop neonazi anti-refugee ship

Tunisian fishermen gather on August 6, 2017 in the port of Zarzis in southeastern Tunisia to protest against a possible berthing of the neonazi anti-refugee C-Star vessel (AFP Photo/FATHI NASRI)

From AFP news agency:

Tunisian fishermen stall ‘racist’ anti-migrant ship’s progress

Giovanni GREZZI

August 6, 2017

ABOARD the MS AQUARIUS – Fishermen at a Tunisian port on Sunday prevented a ship carrying far-right anti-immigration activists from docking, dealing a fresh blow to a controversial mission aimed at disrupting the flow of migrant boats from north Africa to Europe.

Faced with the prospect of being blocked by the fishermen in Zarzis, the ship, the C-Star, moved up the Tunisian coast, and was expected by opponents tracking its path to try to land at either Sfax or Gabes on Monday.

Chartered by extremist group “Generation Identity“,

“Generation Identity”, like “alt-right“, is just a new name for old Hitlerite nazism. These C-Star fascists who want violence against refugees fleeing from NATO’s wars to Europe are Holocaust denialists.

According to Dutch NOS TV today, canoeists and water cyclists helped the fishermen block Zarzis harbour for the racist ship.

the C-Star passed through waters off Libya on Saturday.

It briefly tailed the Aquarius, operated by French group SOS Mediterranee, one of several NGO boats conducting search and rescue operations in an area notorious for deadly migrant boat sinkings.

Having left Cyprus on August 1, the 40-metre (130-foot) C-Star needs to land in Tunisia for supplies but appeared to have been caught off guard by the strength of opposition among local fishermen, as well as rights groups.

“If they come here we’ll close the refuelling channel,” Chamseddine Bourassine, the head of the local fishermen’s organisation, told AFP.

“It is the least we can do given what is happening out in the Mediterranean,” he added.

“Muslims and Africans are dying.”

An official at the port, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “What? Us let in racists here? Never!”

– 10,000 dead –

The C-Star headed straight from Cyprus to Libyan waters after being discouraged from attempting to dock en route in Greece and Sicily, with authorities concerned about the prospect of protests.

The self-styled “Defend Europe” mission has not got off to the best of starts.

Their boat was held up for a week in the Suez Canal by Egyptian authorities looking for weapons.

Then, after it landed in the Cypriot port of Famagusta last month, several of its crew jumped ship and asked for asylum in Europe — exactly the kind of thing the mission was set up to prevent. …

Humanitarian groups say Generation Identity is engaged in a publicity stunt and that any attempt to turn migrant boats back to Libya would be potentially very dangerous and illegal under international law.

Since the start of 2014, some 600,000 people from Africa, the Middle East and South Asia have been rescued from traffickers’ boats and taken to Italy.

Over 10,000 have died en route and serial sinkings have resulted in privately funded or charity-run boats joining a multinational search and rescue operation coordinated by Italy’s coastguard.

NGO boats have rescued around one-third of the nearly 100,000 people picked up this year, but their relations with Italy have become strained as pressure to stem the flow of migrants has mounted. …

Rights organisations have voiced concern over the focus on sending boats back to Libya, where migrants who fail to get to Europe often end up in detention in squalid camps where they risk torture, sexual violence and forced labour. …

The crisis has also caused strains in Rome’s relations with its EU neighbours, who have blocked migrants landing in Italy from travelling further north.

See also here.

The latest news from today is that the neonazi ship does not sail any more, but has been, and still is, stranded for over a day, miles off the Tunisian coast.

Failed Defend Europe mission comes to an end. 17/08/2017 – Joe Mulhall: here.

16 thoughts on “Tunisian fishermen stop neonazi anti-refugee ship

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  5. 3 oktober 2017 Fascisten dumpen zeelui

    De Internationale Transportwerkersfederatie (ITF) is te hulp geroepen bij de bemanning van het schip ‘C Star’, dat voor de kust van Barcelona ligt. De Sri Lankaanse bemanning was ingehuurd door de fascistische groep ‘Defend Europe’. De groep ging met de C Star voor de kust van Noord-Afrika varen, in een poging schepen van hulporganisaties te beletten om migranten aan boord te nemen die dreigden te verdrinken.
    Die acties lukten echter niet erg: zo blokkeerden Tunesische vissers de haven waar zij brandstof wilden bunkeren. Anderzijds begonnen Italië en andere Europese landen de acties van grenspolitie Frontex tegen migranten op te voeren. Met behulp van veel geld werden ook de Libische kustwacht en criminele bendes hiervoor ingeschakeld.
    De fascisten besloten hun actie te stoppen en gingen van boord. Ze lieten de bemanning zonder loon aan haar lot over. Het bedrijf waarvan het schip was gehuurd hult zich tot nu toe in stilzwijgen. Onder andere het Rode Kruis (een van de hulporganisaties die door Defend Europe werd bestreden) heeft de bemanning geholpen met de meest dringende benodigdheden. Het ITF probeert nu de mensen te helpen en heeft in ieder geval geregeld dat het schip naar de haven van Barcelona gebracht mag worden. Overigens hebben de bemanningsleden asiel aangevraagd.



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