Which Libyan government kills refugees?

This video says about itself:

Drowning for Freedom: Libya’s Migrant Jails (Part 1)

17 March 2015

As Libya descends further into civil war and lawlessness, migrants from Africa and the Middle East continue to journey to the country’s coast in search of smugglers to take them across the Mediterranean Sea and into Europe.

Search and rescue operations by Libya’s coast guard are restricted due to diminishing resources, and have to contend with dangerous gangs of armed traffickers.

Those rescued at sea by the coast guard are brought to detention centers, where they face deplorable conditions and are forced to remain for long periods of time. In some instances, migrants are detained by militias in unofficial prisons outside of government control.

In part one of a three-part series, VICE News is given access to chilling footage filmed by the Libyan coast guard, who have witnessed an influx of migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea, recovering hundreds of bodies of those who’ve drowned on their journey to Europe.

These two videos are the sequels.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Libyans attack, kill refugees

Today, 16:04

At about twenty kilometers from the Libyan coast a boat with refugees tonight was attacked by a ship which said it was Libyan coast guard. The private charity Sea Watch reports this. At least four refugees were killed, 15 to 25 people are still missing.

The drama took place while a ship of the rescue organization Sea Watch was trying to help the dinghy with refugees. The crew handed life jackets to the approximately 150 refugees when a ship appeared, which was, according to Sea Watch, Libyan coast guard.


The Libyans tried, according to Sea Watch, to steal the motor of the boat with refugees. They climbed aboard the boat and struck the refugees with batons. Panicked refugees jumped off the boat into the Mediterranean.

Sea Watch crew managed to rescue about 120 people from the water. Four people were dragged dead out of the water, while at least 15 and possibly 25 people remained in the sea.

It is unclear how the attack finished and whether it was indeed a Libyan coast guard ship.

There is not one government in Libya. There are several paramilitary groups claiming to be the government, killing each other and civilians. Possibly, several of these militias have their own ‘coast guard’.

Sea Watch is a German aid organization founded by private individuals and has been active since a year and a half with one ship in the Mediterranean. According to their own statement, Sea Watch this year has saved thousands of refugees.

Dutch navy training Libyan coast guard ‘to stop refugees‘.

End the inhuman detention of migrants in Libya. New report here.

24 thoughts on “Which Libyan government kills refugees?

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  2. Tuesday 1st November 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    FOREIGN SECRETARY Boris Johnson hosted a conference in London yesterday aimed at shoring up Libya’s embattled UN-backed government.

    US Secretary of State John Kerry said the goal was “to see if we can get beyond the stalemate” and prevent a Libyan economic crash.

    No government has been able to command authority nationally in Libya since Britain, France and the United States helped Islamist insurgents overthrow the Muammar Gadaffi regime in 2011.

    The writ of PM Fayez al-Serraj — who attended the London talks — extends little further than the capital Tripoli.

    Documents released by WikiLeaks this week suggest that US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was informed back in 2011 that the war against Gadaffi was empowering al-Qaida.

    Africa’s richest country prior to Nato’s intervention, Libya has since faced permanent civil war — sparking a humanitarian crisis that the World Health Organisation reckons has left more than 2.4 million in “urgent need of humanitarian assistance.”

    Mr Serraj’s government of national accord is not recognised by a rival parliament in the city of Tobruk and is engaged in a standoff with Field Marshal Khalifa Hifter, who has seized control of oil-exporting ports.

    The US is blitzing the city of Sirte, held for over a year by the Islamic State terror group.

    Stop the War’s Lindsey German said the talks in London “underline the dangers of outside military intervention.

    “The US and Britain seem to have learnt nothing from their mistakes,” she said, pointing to the countries’ continued interference in Syria.

    “Their concern for the future of Libya stretches no further than the price of oil.”



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