British Katie Hopkins, too racist even for the Daily Mail

This video from Scotland says about itself:

Katie Hopkins‘ Racial Stereotypes

11 July 2012

Radio Scotland interview with an English ‘business woman’ who also appears to be a self-appointed spokesperson for all that is English. In this part of the interview she lets fly at both [Scottish tennis player] Andy Murray and a caller who is Welsh and is living in England. You may remember this woman from the [Donald Trump] TV programme The Apprentice, where her right-wing outspoken views ruffled a few feathers.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Katie Hopkins has Mail article spiked after nazi chat

Friday 21st July 2017

HATE-MONGER Katie Hopkins went too far even for the Daily Mail yesterday, seemingly having her latest article for the right-wing rag pulled after palling about with Holocaust deniers.

The Mail columnist joined far-right activists from the Defend Europe group that is sending ships to the Mediterranean to sabotage humanitarian missions aimed at rescuing refugees.

She came under fire this week for tweeting out pictures of herself with Holocaust denier Peter Sweden and then spent time meeting the crew of the Defend Europe-chartered C-Star.

Katie Hopkins with Holocaust denier Peter Sweden

And Save the Children was forced to issue a rebuke to the failed reality show contestant yesterday after she claimed to have talked to its activists on a rescue ship.

In an article for the Mail Online, which mysteriously disappeared after a couple of hours, she parroted accusations that the humanitarian heroes were running “little more than a glorified ferry” that helped people-traffickers.

A spokesperson for the charity said: “Katie Hopkins has not spent time with the crew of Save the Children’s search and rescue ship. Nor will she.”

Meanwhile, the C-Star crew were arrested in Port Suez yesterday after failing to provide adequate documentation.

Katie Hopkins leaves Mail Online by ‘mutual consent’ as column dropped after two years. Announcement comes after controversy over her comments on terror attacks: here.

Katie Hopkins gave speech attacking Muslims to far-right group days before leaving Mail Online ‘by mutual consent’. Columnist told audience they should ‘arm themselves’ and ‘fight for their country’: here.

Katie Hopkins joins far-right Canadian website Rebel Media. Former Mail Online columnist aims to ‘tell the stories not being told’ through new website called Hopkins World: here.

Controversial columnist and broadcaster Katie Hopkins has lost her appeal over a legal battle with Jack Monroe. Monroe won libel proceedings against Hopkins after she tweeted untrue claims about the vandalism of a war memorial. Food blogger Monroe, who identifies as gender non-binary, was awarded £24,000 in damages and £107,000 in court costs: here.

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  4. Wednesday 9th August 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    A TRIAL date has been set for a man accused of stirring up racial hatred in two speeches.

    Jack Renshaw, 22, is said to have committed the public order offences during a demonstration by the far-right group North West Infidels in Blackpool on March 12 2016 and at a speech at the Yorkshire Forum for Nationalists in North Yorkshire on a date between June 15 2015 and November 18 2016.

    Appearing at Preston Crown Crown via videolink from HMP Preston, Renshaw, of Bearncroft, Skelmersdale, entered not-guilty pleas to the two charges.

    His trial will take place on January 2 and is estimated to last up to four days.

    Renshaw was arrested by officers from the north-west counterterrorism unit over alleged derogatory comments made about Jewish people.


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  8. Tuesday 28th November 2017

    VILE racist Katie Hopkins proved too much even for right-wing hate-rag the Daily Mail who announced yesterday she had been axed from MailOnline after two years as a columnist.

    The paper’s website said Ms Hopkins’s contract was “not renewed by mutual consent” shortly after she gave a hate-filled speech at a far-right conference in the US attacking Muslims and calling on people to “arm themselves” and “fight for their country.”

    Ms Hopkins was speaking at the David Horowitz Freedom Centre when she said whole areas of Britain were controlled by the “Muslim mafia” and claimed there was “institutionalised discrimination against whites” in Britain.

    The failed reality show contestant has previously provoked revulsion by echoing Adolf Hitler in a tweet saying a “final solution” was needed for Muslims following the Manchester terror attacks.

    Her racist rants were often excused as “controversial” however she used pro-genocide language in a 2015 article for the Sun branding migrants as “cockroaches” and “feral-humans.”

    Ms Hopkins had not commented at time of going to press and had reportedly deleted her tweets and other social media posts.


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  13. Monday, October 8, 2018

    Poetry on the Picketline

    On hearing of the financial difficulties of a peddler of hate

    This morning, you have forgone

    the sullen trudge to work,

    spring – two at a time – up bus stairs,

    whistle as you settle into a seat

    at the front with the world’s best view.

    The grey skies are wonderful,

    the traffic a joy, one long beautiful

    bless it!

    nose-to-tail going nowhere

    a symphony of horns

    and idling engines.

    The city has been washed brighter

    overnight. You smile at strangers, cyclists,

    policemen, wish chuggers a cheery good day

    offer your breakfast pastry

    to a figure curled in a shop doorway.

    Cackling, you play hopscotch

    the length of the high street,

    vow to laugh at the boss’s lame jokes.

    Vow to try.

    Some days, you tell yourself,

    are truly magical. What times,

    what times, what times to be alive!

    This poem examines the emotional maelstrom unleashed by the news that – after losing the libel case brought against her by Jack Monroe – Katie Hopkins is now seeking an insolvency agreement to avoid bankruptcy.

    Poetry on the Picket Line is a squad of like-minded poets putting themselves about to read their work on picket lines, in the spirit of solidarity. Invitations to rallies etc. welcome, contact


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