‘Stop nazi pseudo-historian David Irving in The Hague’

This video from the USA is called David Irving Holocaust Denier – Nazi Gets Shouted Down – Kansas City ANTIFA – March 25, 2014.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

CIDI against lecture by holocaust denier

Today, 11:59

CIDI calls on all libraries and hall rental companies in The Hague to offer no platform for British author and holocaust denier David Irving (born in 1938). The controversial author of books on World War II wants this Thursday to lecture in The Hague, on the day that the Netherlands remembers the February strike on 25 and February 26, 1941, this year seventy-five years ago. Then part of the Netherlands went on strike during the German occupation in protest against the deportation of Dutch Jews.

It is not mentioned on Irving’s website where he will do the lecture.


According to the Centre for Information and Documentation on Israel, which inter alia, represents the interests of Dutch Jews, Irving should not be given an opportunity to speak in public, because of his “semi-scientific,

The CIDI’s expression ‘semi-scientific’ is much too charitable for the lying nazi Irving; as it might imply only 50% of his statements are lies.

anti-Semitic and homophobic statements” and his denial of the Holocaust.

“This man has been expelled from several countries and was imprisoned because of his Holocaust denial in Austria,” says CIDI director Hanna Luden. “When he wanted to speak once in Amsterdam, Mayor Van der Laan banned him. We think it is just as harmful and sick when he comes to the Hague.”

Irving’s lecture is entitled “Hitler, Himmler and the homosexuals“. The historian

rather: pseudo-historian

also plans to give the same lecture in “his favorite British, Belgian and German towns”, says the website.

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