Poem about British right-winger Katie Hopkins

This video from Britain says about itself:

Katie Hopkins Racial Stereotypes

11 July 2012

Radio Scotland interview with an English ‘business woman’ who also appears to be a self-appointed spokesperson for all that is English. In this part of the interview she lets fly at both Andy Murray and a caller who is Welsh and is living in England. You may remember this woman from the TV programme The Apprentice, where her right-wing outspoken views ruffled a few feathers. She is both quintessentially ‘English’ and outrageous in equal amounts – the very embodiment of imperialism that made England what it used to be.

Katie Hopkins from England, sometimes Rupert Murdoch tabloid employee, sometimes television personality, is famous ‘for being famous’ and infamous for racism.

This poem is by British poet Benjamin Myers:

Tuesday 31st March 2015

I Saw Katie Hopkins

I saw Katie Hopkins shoplift from Oxfam a porcelain figurine of a Newfoundland dog with a wooden barrel on its back in which you put brandy.

I saw Katie Hopkins asleep in a plate of chicken nuggets at a Little Chef; she was wearing a Cats tour jacket and one glove.

I saw Katie Hopkins urinate in a homeless war veteran’s begging cup from a distance of six feet.

I saw Katie Hopkins scratch a swastika onto a Mothercare billboard at the bus stop.

I saw Katie Hopkins shove a cork in a dolphin’s blowhole at SeaWorld.

I saw Katie Hopkins go berserk at a Ghurka for wearing a burka.

I saw Katie Hopkins getting a tattoo of a lethargic gryphon.

I saw Katie Hopkins selling used batteries at a carboot sale.

I saw Katie Hopkins buying Jethro DVDs from the garage.

I saw Katie Hopkins jogging with James Delingpole.

I saw Katie Hopkins eating worms at Kew Gardens.

I saw Katie Hopkins trying to set fire to Rochdale.

I saw Katie Hopkins force a child up her chimney.

I saw Katie Hopkins alone on a waltzer at 11am.

I saw Katie Hopkins grope Rod Liddle in Aldi.

I saw Katie Hopkins punch a newborn lamb.

I saw Katie Hopkins playing bass for UB40.

I saw Katie Hopkins smash a pint glass.

I saw Katie Hopkins snorting Bisto.

I saw Katie Hopkins’ rotten soul.

I saw Katie Hopkins laughing.

I saw Katie Hopkins sobbing.

I saw Katie Hopkins alone.

I saw Katie Hopkins.

Not that one.

Benjamin Myers is a novelist, poet and journalist. His novels include Beastings (2014), Pig Iron (2012) and Richard (2010). His most recent poetry collection is Heathcliff Adrift. His website is https://benmyersmanofletters.wordpress.com/.

Katie Hopkins accused by police chief over remarks about Pakistanis. Sun columnist under investigation over race hate claims accused by police commissioner of equating Pakistanis with child abusers: here.

Katie Hopkins calling migrants vermin recalls the darkest events of history: here.

NEWSPAPER columnist Katie Hopkins was yesterday blasted by the UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights for likening migrants to cockroaches: here.

Katie Hopkins: Brunel University students stage mass walk out at debate as columnist speaks. Students protested against Hopkins’ inclusion on a panel debating the welfare state: here.

Katie Hopkins’ TV show has been axed because no-one watched it: here.

10 thoughts on “Poem about British right-winger Katie Hopkins

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  7. Wednesday 19th July 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    CAMPAIGN group Hope Not Hate has set up a petition calling on the Daily Mail to stop giving column inches to the poisonous views of anti-refugee bigot Katie Hopkins.

    Ms Hopkins intends to report from Italy, where she has joined a group of far-right activists who plan to block humanitarian efforts to rescue refugees in the Mediterranean, the charity warned.

    Having raised £100,000, the Defend Europe group has acquired a ship which it is sending to Sicily in order to block and “confront” rescues by non-governmental organisations, it said.

    On Monday night, Ms Hopkins told Twitter: “En route to Italy for MailOnline — as Italy threatens to release 200,000 migrants into Europe to teach us to share nicely.”

    Defend Europe has featured on ITV’s Good Morning Britain and on BBC’s Newsnight — but neither revealed the fact that the organisation is made up of prominent far-right anti-Muslim activists, Hope Not Hate cautioned.

    A Hope Not Hate spokesperson said: “Hope Not Hate believes that Mail Online has a duty not to amplify the cheerleading of far-right extremist activity that could ultimately lead to the loss of lives.”

    To sign the petition see http://www.hopenothate.co.uk.



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