‘Sue European Union for anti-refugee policies’

Refugee children in a concentration camp in Greece, photo by Reuters

Save the Children charity did something seriously wrong a few years ago. Then, they awarded a prize to war criminal Tony Blair. Tony Blair, whose wars led to so much death and misery for so many children (and adults). Tony Blair, whose wars contributed greatly to the rise of ISIS. Tony Blair, whose wars caused terror and misery for the millions of refugees trying to save their lives now.

This time, however, it looks like Save the Children is doing something right.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Save the Children wants to sue the European Union

Today, 07:51

Aid agency Save the Children intends to sue the European Union. According to their Dutch chairman Pim Kraan the EU acts shamelessly against refugees. He says that international conventions are not respected.

Yesterday, the organization stopped all aid in Lesvos and other Greek islands. Save the Children is thus protesting against the locking up of refugees in detention centers. MSF and the UN refugee agency UNHCR withdrew earlier for the same reason.

“This is a bridge too far. We now see that international treaties are violated by imprisoning defenseless children. That is not something we can accept”, said Pim Kraan. Save the Children is therefore trying to figure out whether the organization can take legal action against the European Union.

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