Turkish government sending refugees back into war

This video says about itself:

Hungary Lets Refugees Board Trains, Then Kicks Them Off

3 September 2015

The Hungarian police let some refugees, who were trying to get to Germany, board trains. Then they kicked them all off 25 miles later.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

“Turkey sends Syrians back into war”

Today, 13:33

Turkey violates international human rights treaties by sending Syrians back across the border. This says Human Rights Watch. The human rights organization says this means that for Syrian refugees there is no alternative to involvement with people traffickers.

“Turkey has the right to control its borders for security reasons, but it can not send refugees back into the war,” said HRW researcher Gerry Simpson. Since March, the official crossings from Syria to Turkey, according to him, have been almost completely closed.

HRW spoke recently with fifty Syrians who had managed to reach Turkey. Six of them stated that they had to make several attempts because they were sent back. Refugees are said to be beaten by border guards.

Pakistani government: European Union, stop sending Afghan, Pakistani refugees back to our country.
And sometimes shot dead.

Isis in Syria: Stop the march to war – There are alternatives: here.

While Official Washington devotes much sound and fury to demands for a wider war in Syria and the need to turn away Syrian refugees, Democrats and Republicans dodge the tougher question: how to confront Saudi Arabia about its covert funding for Islamic State and Al Qaeda terrorists: here.

Closing migration routes into France won’t stop terrorism – resisting xenophobia might: here.

34 thoughts on “Turkish government sending refugees back into war

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