Refugee tragedies continue off Libya

Hand of drowned refugee, Reuters photo

Dutch NOS TV reports today that the dead bodies of drowned refugees keep washing up on the beach of Zuwara in Libya. The first dead bodies there had been found on Thursday. By now, 148 drowned people have been found.

What a contrast to when I was at a beach in Libya in 2006, and found only cuttlefish cuttlebones and bivalve seashells.

According to Wikipedia, Zuwara is ‘famous for its beautiful beaches and abundant seafood’. …

Report: Over 130 Migrant Bodies Wash Ashore In Libya. About three-quarters of the migrants were women and there were at least five children.
06/05/2016 09:11 am ET: here.

Another NOS TV report today says that ‘the Libyan government’ will not accept refugees sent back by European countries. The report is about the government of Prime Minister Fayez Sarraj, one of three governments in Libya (not counting the internationally not recognized ‘Islamic state’ of ISIS). Fayez Sarraj says there won’t be a deal with the European Union like the European Union made with the Turkish government about refoulement of refugees.

From the NOS report (translated):

German media reported earlier that the EU speaks with Libya about setting up camps for refugees in Libya itself.

This refers to, eg, a 29 April 2016 report in German weekly Der Spiegel, called (translated):

Planned Deal: EU mulls having migrant prisons in Libya

So, apparently, as prisons are for criminals, it now seems to be a crime to flee the bloody ‘humanitarian’ wars of NATO.

5 thoughts on “Refugee tragedies continue off Libya

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  2. Monday 6th June 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    AUSTRIA’S Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz suggested following “Australia’s example” of interning refugees in island camps in an interview in newspaper Die Presse yesterday.

    Mr Kurz said that “the Australian model can’t be copied one to one, but the basic principle can be applied to Europe.”

    He said a refugee stranded on an island such as Lesbos who stands little chance of getting asylum is more likely to return home than someone who already has a flat in Vienna or Berlin.

    The Australian government has drawn harsh criticism for its policy of paying third-party countries Nauru and Papua New Guinea to hold asylum-seekers in squalid camps.

    “The Australian model of course cannot be completely replicated but its principles can be applied in Europe,” Mr Kurz said.


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