Send Afghan war refugees back, to their deaths, German minister says

This video about Afghanistan says about itself:

6 Reasons for an Independent Investigation into MSF Kunduz Hospital Bombing

26 October 2015

On the morning of October 3rd 2015, a Doctors Without Borders hospital was bombed in Kunduz, Afghanistan. The United States military has taken responsibility for the attack. Doctors Without Borders, or Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), is demanding the activation of the International Humanitarian Fact Finding Commission to partake in an independent investigation on the grounds that bombing a hospital is a war crime under international law. This video is dedicated to that demand, consolidating resources about this event, and with the hopes that more people sign their petition.

MSF’s Petition for an Independent Investigation: here.

All up-to-the-minute MSF statements on the Kunduz bombing: here.

New Articles Published After the Filming of this Video:

– Jason Cone of MSF USA OpEd on the Kunduz strike: here.

– More revelations that the US knew it was bombing a hospital: here.

– US destroys potential evidence: here.

Journalism vs MSF Statements

– This NYT story shows how much an independent investigation is needed, without ever stating that nor quoting MSF: here.

– The ever-changing US story on the bombing (keep in mind those changes have continued): here.

– Another article from Spencer Ackerman on the changing story: here.

NOS TV in the Netherlands writes today about German Minister of the Interior De Maizière (translated):


De Maizière also said that among the refugees there are more and more Afghans, middle class and often young. He called this situation unacceptable and emphasized that they hardly have a chance of asylum.

Moreover, they are badly needed in their own countries for reconstruction, said De Maizière. He said he has also discussed this issue with the Afghan government.

In the closed-minded view of De Maizière and his ilk, whenever NATO soldiers invade some country, that country miraculously becomes a ‘safe country’. No matter how many hospitals or girls’ schools these NATO armed forces bomb.

If the Taliban will not kill these forcibly returned refugees, then ISIS will kill them. Or else, pro-Kabul government warlords cum druglords. Or else, the United States air force, like in Kunduz. Or NATO soldiers from other countries, including Mr De Maizière’s Germany.

In Brussels on Sunday, the leaders of 10 European Union and three non-EU states agreed a 17-point plan to control the movement of refugees on the so-called Balkan route in order to block them from entering Europe and send them back to their countries of origin: here.

The German government is making plans to send another 100 troops to Afghanistan, raising the size of its deployed force to 980 personnel. These plans were reported last week in a blog post by military journalist Thomas Wiegold, who cited sources within the government: here.

Afghanistan war: Britain turning away majority of refugees fleeing conflict despite sending troops to Helmand/ Charities criticised the figures as British troops are sent back to Helmand province: here.

38 thoughts on “Send Afghan war refugees back, to their deaths, German minister says

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  2. Tuesday 3rd November 2015

    posted by Morning Star in World

    AFGHANISTAN said yesterday it would accept the deportation of refugees rejected by Germany, which considers them economic migrants.

    Refugees and Repatriation Minister Hossain Alemi Balkhi had opposed the deportation, saying: “The problem that caused them to leave Afghanistan in the first place has not been solved — there is still war, conflict, insecurity.”

    But he was apparently overruled after talks between President Ashraf Ghani and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

    Last week, German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere complained of an “unacceptable” influx of “middle-class” Afghans from supposedly safe areas of the war-torn country.

    Ambulance workers on the Greek island of Lesbos protested yesterday over budget cuts that have left them with just three vehicles despite the huge influx of refugees. Afterwards they handed out clothes to refugee children.

    Meanwhile, Mayor Spyros Galinos said there was no more room to bury those who have drowned trying to reach Lesbos from Turkey.


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