Mali putsch by U.S. Africom-trained officer

This video is called Mali soldiers say president toppled in coup.

From Rick Rozoff’s blog:

March 24, 2012

Mali coup led by US-trained captain

A US Africa Command official confirmed on Friday the leader of a military coup d’état in Mali has visited the US on several occasions, receiving professional military education.

Captain Amadou Haya Sanogo participated in the America’s International Military Education and Training program, sponsored by the US State Department, Public Affairs representative Patrick Barnes revealed to The Washington Post.

Foreign officers are handpicked for the program by US embassies in respective countries. The Malian army is very small, consisting of only 7,000 personnel. With the given small number of officers in this army, it is no wonder that Sanogo had a good chance to get to the US.

On March 22, just a month before a presidential election in the country, Sanogo and soldiers loyal to him stormed the presidential palace in the capital Bamako and overthrew President Amadou Toumani Toure.

The reason for the rebellion was stated as the existing leadership’s relaxed attitude towards Touareg tribes’ insurrection in this north-western African country.

The coup claimed three lives, leaving about 40 wounded.

The rebel soldiers are currently busy looting throughout the city of Bamako.

Despite condemning the coup, the US is not planning to reconsider its $140-million aid program to Mali in 2012.

Conversely, on Friday the African Union suspended Mali’s membership of that organization.

Leader of Mali military coup received U.S. training: here.

West African countries suspended Mali from their economic bloc on Tuesday and decided to send five presidents there in a bid to reverse the week-old coup: here.

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) announced on Monday that it is closing Mali’s land borders in an attempt to force out the junta that seized power 13 days ago: here.

The perils of intervention in Mali: here.

Millions face food crisis in conflict zone in Mali: here.

Militarised by the West, Mali suffers coup: here.

US inadvertently creates a terrorist haven in Mali: here.

Just as the international intervention in Libya was aimed in part at denying China access to North African oil, a military intervention in Mali either led by the US or in cooperation with Washington would target Chinese influence in the country: here.

US retools terror war in scramble for Africa: here. And here.

Foreign military intervention in Mali moved a step closer on Tuesday night when France circulated a draft UN resolution urging backing for action by its west African neighbours: here.

Africom‘s influence in the West African power struggle: here. And here.

2012: Year Of U.S. Africa Command Juggernaut: here.

The U.S. military is training Africans to form their own “elite counterterrorism units.”

A French defence official admitted today that France is to move surveillance drones to west Africa: here.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sparked tensions with China with remarks given during her seven-nation tour of the African continent: here.

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