3.7 million Iraqi refugees; ‘thank you’, Bush and Blair

This video is called Iraqi refugees face rejection.

From London daily News Line:

Thursday, 11 January 2007

3.7 MILLION IRAQI REFUGEES – The product of Bush and Blair’s policies

‘The current exodus is the largest population movement in the Middle East since Palestinians were displaced following the creation of the State of Israel in 1948,’ the UN High Commission for Refugees has said.

In a report released on Monday, along with a 60 million dollar appeal to the International Community, the UNHCR said: ‘Around one in eight Iraqis is displaced’.

The report says that out of Iraq’s 26 million population, two million have fled the country and nearly two million are internally displaced persons (IDPs).

The report states: ‘UNHCR and other humanitarian agencies lack the resources to cope with the growing numbers of displaced and increasingly desperate Iraqis needing help both within and outside their country.

Iraqi refugees not welcome in the USA: here.

Christians, otther minorities, flee Iraq: here.

Afghan, Iraqi, refugees sent to their deaths by Blair: here.

6 thoughts on “3.7 million Iraqi refugees; ‘thank you’, Bush and Blair

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