11 thoughts on “Famine again in dictatorial Ethiopia

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  3. Monday 4th January 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    A US drone base in Ethiopia used for operations against Somalia has been shut down, US officials in Addis Ababa said yesterday.

    US embassy spokesman David Kennedy said the base in Arba Minch, 280 miles south of Ethiopia’s capital, was not needed anymore.

    Ethiopian media reported the base’s founding in 2011 but the US never publicly confirmed its existence.

    A security expert in Addis Ababa, who insisted on anonymity, said the base was used to attack al-Shabab Islamist militants in Somalia.

    On Saturday al-Shabab released a video including footage of Donald Trump calling for Muslims to be banned from the US. The video plays on racism in an attempt to recruit US blacks and Muslims to their cause.

    The Republican presidential primary candidate had called Democratic contender Hillary Clinton a “liar” after she claimed Islamic State was using his racist outbursts to recruit followers.



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