Bush’s Ethiopian allies massacre Somali civilians

This video is about Meles Zenawi [dictator of Ethiopia and George W. Bush ally]’s Somalia massacres, torture, and rendition.

From Shabelle Media Network in Somalia:

Somalia: MPs Describe the Killing of 65 Civilians As ‘Massacre’

Shabelle Media Network (Mogadishu)

17 August 2008
Posted to the web 18 August 2008


Nearly all Somali legislative body members have slammed the killing of 65 civilians by the Ethiopian troops in Arbiska area near Afgoi as “massacre”

Speaking to Shabelle radio the first deputy speaker of Somali parliament Mohamed Omar Dalha has stated that it unbearable on the civilians’ mass execution by the Ethiopian troops.

“We shouldn’t not tolerate what the Ethiopians did, we have to not let off them in relation to what (appalling) they did” Dalha said.

Other MPs of the parliament has added that the Ethiopians are carrying out bloodbath in Somalia.

In special meeting on this killing matter held by majority of the MPs they express disapproval regarding the killing of the civilians.

This comes following more than 65 people were killed in Arbiska area after Ethiopian soldiers opened fire on two civilian minibuses on Friday.

Note that the Mogadishu parliament is part of the government put in office by the armed forces of the Ethiopian dictator Meles Zenawi and of George W. Bush.

If even they think this, one can imagine how Somali civilians think.

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