Big anti-ISIS, anti-dictatorship demonstration in Ethiopia

This video from Ethiopia says about itself:

Police attacked peaceful demonstrators in Addis Ababa. Video credit Euronews

There was a peaceful demonstration in Addis Ababa this morning (April 22, 2015) in opposition of ISIS murder of innocent Ethiopian Christians in Libya. As seen in the video, police attacked peaceful demonstrators in an attempt to disperse the march in the street of Addis. The Ethiopian constitution allows peaceful demonstrations.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Ethiopia: 100,000 protest at Isis murders in Libya

Thursday 23rd April 2015

OVER 100,000 people marched through central Addis Ababa yesterday in protest at the murder of Ethiopian Christians in Libya.

They also denounced their own government for its failure to raise living standards of the poor, with poverty fuelling the flow of migrants through dangerous areas.

The march turned violent in Meskel Square as stone-throwing protesters clashed with the police, who arrested at least 100.

The victims are widely believed to have been captured in Libya while trying to reach Europe.

Ahaza Kassaye, the mother of a victim identified as Eyasu Yikunoamlak, said that she was overwhelmed by the massive turnout.

“I’m happy now. I’m very happy.

“I was just mourning the death of my son with family members and my neighbours. I never expected this to happen,” she said.

Ethiopia is facing its worst drought in over a decade, following a poor rainy season due to a particularly strong El Nino this year. The number of people receiving emergency food assistance has nearly doubled, from 4.55 million in August to 8.2 million in October. Schools, hospitals, and other critical facilities have been forced to close due to water and food shortages, and 350,000 children are experiencing acute malnutrition: here.

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