British government charges anti-ISIS girl with terrorism

This video from Syria is called 2014 International Women’s Day in Qamishlo – Rojava Kurdistan.

NATO, Saudi, Bahraini, etc. armed forces fight wars in Iraq and Syria. Officially ‘against ISIS terrorism’, but in practice more about oil.

However, when Kurds in, eg, Syria really fight ISIS, then the government of NATO member Turkey helps ISIS in various ways; and declares the Kurdish anti-ISIS people to be ‘terrorists’. The government of the Netherlands and other NATO countries follow Mr Erdogan’s government in calling anti-ISIS Kurds ‘terrorists’.

So, it seems, does David Cameron’s British government, also NATO allies of Erdogan‘s Turkish government.

From daily The Guardian in Britain:

British teenage girl charged with trying to join Kurdish forces fighting Isis

Shilan Ozcelik, 18, becomes first Briton to be arrested for trying to fight against Islamic State in Syria

Owen Bowcott

Friday 13 March 2015 18.34 GMT

A teenager from London, who was allegedly trying to join a Kurdish military women’s unit fighting Isis in Syria, has been charged with a terrorist offence.

Shilan Ozcelik, who is of Kurdish descent, was arrested earlier this year at Stansted airport. She is believed to be the first British citizen to be arrested for trying to join the campaign against the jihadis who control eastern Syria and western Iraq.

Ozcelik, from Holloway, north London, faces one charge of engaging in conduct in preparation for giving effect to an intention to commit acts of terrorism under the 2006 Terrorism Act.

Her supporters say she travelled to Brussels in an attempt to join the women’s protection units, also known as YPJ, that are based in Rojava – the Kurdish enclave in northern Syria under attack by Isis.

She was arrested by on 16 January at as she returned from Brussels. Neither the YPJ nor the YPG, the main men’s Kurdish peshmerga militia in northern Syria, are banned organisations in the UK. …

Ozcelik appeared at Westminster magistrates court on Wednesday and was charged with a terrorist offence. She was remanded in custody and is due to appear at the Old Bailey next month. Her supporters are planning a demonstration outside Holloway prison in north London, where she has been remanded.

Earlier this month a former British Royal Marine, Konstandinos Erik Scurfield, died fighting for Kurdish YPG forces in northern Syria.

24 thoughts on “British government charges anti-ISIS girl with terrorism

  1. Monday 16th March 2015

    OVER 2,000 supporters attended a funeral march in Duisberg, Germany, on Saturday for Ivana Hoffmann, killed last week while fighting with the Syrian Kurds against Islamic State.

    Friends and communist activists waved flags and banners as they escorted the body of 19-year-old Ms Hoffmann through the city to the cemetery.

    She was killed while fighting alongside Kurdish Peoples Protection Units (YPG), near the Syrian village of Tel Tamr in Hassakeh province.

    Ms Hoffman was a member of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party (MLKP) in Turkey and had joined YPG fighters about six months ago, the party said.

    About 100 Western volunteers are believed to be fighting Islamic State alongside Kurdish forces.


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  10. Two members of Internationalist Brigade detained in Spain

    Two people who formerly fought in the ranks of the Internationalist Brigade fighting ISIS in Rojava, were detained in Spain yesterday.

    Two members of the Internationalist Brigade who turned back to Spain after going to Rojava for international solidarity and defense of humanity against ISIS gangs, were detained yesterday.

    Reacting to the detentions, Rojava and Kurdish Solidarity Committee called on the Spanish government to avoid imposing legal sanction against those who turn back home after giving a fight against ISIS in Rojava, West Kurdistan.

    The Committee also called for strong participation in the rally to be held on July 10 in solidarity with the Rojava resistance.

    Source: MADRID – ANF 07-07-2015


    • MLKP Rojava calls for urgent release of two Spanish fighters

      MLKP (Marxist Leninist Communist Party) Rojava has released a statement condemning the arrest by the Spanish state of two Spanish revolutionaries soon after return from the battle in Rojava, West Kurdistan.

      MLKP (Marxist Leninist Communist Party) Rojava has released a statement condemning the arrest by the Spanish state of two Spanish revolutionaries soon after return from the battle in Rojava, West Kurdistan.

      MLKP Rojava stressed that only enhancement of the international solidarity would defeat these attacks on those putting up a fight against ISIS.

      Remarking that the struggle waged in Rojava and Shengal against ISIS is being strengthened with heroic resistance that is being admired by the oppressed all over the world today, the statement said that Rojava is a territory where the oppressed peoples and the humanity longing freedom, equality and justice are realizing their dreamed future bit by bit. “This is why it is being defended with self-sacrificing resistance. Our Spanish communist comrades have also been a part of this dignified struggle by putting up fight at many fronts in Rojava to defend it against fascistic ISIS gangs. The presence of Spanish communists in Rojava is at the same time a call to the progressive humanity to ‘enhance this dignified struggle’ against fascistic ISIS gangs, an enemy to all the world’s peoples”, the statement said.

      MLKP Rojava emphasised that the struggle and fight against ISIS, enemy of humanity, women, oppressed peoples, faith groups and nations, was a fair and legitimate one. It also stressed that defense of Rojava was a fight of honour and freedom and represented human dignity.

      “The arrest by the Spanish state of our two Spanish comrades is as much illegitimate as the defense of the Rojava revolution is legitimate and right”, it underlined.


      Condemning the Spanish state for arresting revolutionaries in addition to failing to adopt an attitude against the ISIS fascism, MLKP Rojava said they assessed the arrest by the Spanish state as an attack targeting not only Spanish communists but also the anti-imperialist and anti-fascist struggle growing around the Rojava Revolution.

      Stressing that it is only enhancement of the international solidarity that will defeat these attacks, MLKP Rojava ended its statement by conveying sincerest feelings of solidarity to the Marxist Leninist Rebuilding Organization and the two Spanish comrades arrested.

      Source: NEWS DESK – ANF 10-07-2015


  11. 10 juli 2015 Strijders tegen ISIS gearresteerd

    Op 6 juli werden twee jonge Spaanse communisten in Madrid gearresteerd voor hun deelname aan de strijd tegen de religieus-fascistische ISIS en voor bescherming van de burgerbevolking.
    Ze hebben als proletarische internationalisten gevochten in solidariteit met het Koerdische volk in Rojava (noord-Syrië). Die vrijheidsstrijd krijgt enthousiaste steun uit de hele wereld, maar de Spaanse regering wil de twee als ‘terroristen’ vervolgen en criminaliseren. De kameraden moeten direct vrijgelaten worden!

    Op 10 juli werd in München een lid van de Linkspartij tot 1000 euro boete veroordeeld voor het gedurende 15 seconden tonen van de vlag van de Koerdische Arbeiderspartij PKK tijdens een manifestatie op 18 oktober 2014 tegen de aanvallen van ISIS op de stad Kobani.


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