15 thoughts on “Ethiopians, Somalians starve, Bush’s war continues

  1. Somalia: Ethiopian Troops Unkindly Torture Youths in Mogadishu – Witnesses

    Shabelle Media Network (Mogadishu)

    7 July 2008
    Posted to the web 7 July 2008

    Abdinasir Mohamed Guled

    The Ethiopian troops in Somalia capital Mogadishu have roughly tortured Somali teenage boys in Somali capital Mogadishu Monday morning according to eyewitnesses.

    The troops have committed this act in a buried roadside bomb search operation they carried out at Maka-Almukarramah road in Mogadishu where they have captured the youths they tortured.

    “Young boys where taken from a street they were walking by Ethiopians and were callously persecuted by Ethiopian soldiers “an eyewitness who declined to identify told Shabelle English service.

    The Ethiopian soldiers have taken the boys to unknown locations.

    It’s yet unknown the motive behind the torture of the young Somali boys by the Ethiopian troops.

    Troops with the transitional Somali government and their Ethiopian allies have been battling Islamist-led insurgents since 2006.

    Civilians are completely at the mercy of warring sides in Somalia mainly Ethiopian troops.

    Mogadishu’s entire population is scarred from witnessing or suffering such abuses, as well as enforced disappearances and beatings.


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