Ethiopian dictator invades Eritrea

This video says about itself:

Endless Famine – Ethiopia

In the 80s the West was shocked by images of Ethiopia’s starving children and aid poured in from across the world. Now Ethiopia’s economy is booming. But once again babies are dying of malnutrition. What went wrong?

In Ethiopia’s capital Addis Abbaba the signs of new wealth are everywhere. Glass sky-rise blocks dwarf traditional stone settlements, and with daybreak hundreds of builders arrive at the citys construction sites.

But on the outskirts is a very different scene. A long queue is forming here. Word has spread that cheap, government-subsidised food will be sold here. We ask one man if he has trouble feeding himself. Yes, he says, because of the Food Shortage. Just very recently we hit the worst, local woman Valerie Browning tells us.

But the Developed World, the Ethiopian government and even many aid agencies want Ethiopia to be a success story. That means the real story often goes untold. At the breadline government security arrives and forces us to leave. This happens every day to news crews in Ethiopia. The government don’t want to say that there is another side of the story, explains Former Ethiopian MP Gebru Asrat. The majority of the population do live in dire poverty. And in Ethiopia millions are getting poorer every year.

As if it is not enough that the army of Meles Zenawi, dictator of Ethiopia and ally of the Pentagon and of the CIA, invades Somalia and commits horrible crimes there … as if it is not enough that the army of Meles Zenawi kills its own people … now, when the money spent by the dictator on “defense”, on torturing political prisoners, etc. should instead go to feeding the hungry Ethiopian children and other Ethiopian civilians … Zenawi today starts a war against Eritrea.

From Associated Press:

Ethiopia carries out ground attacks on military posts inside archrival Eritrea

Updated: Thursday, March 15, 2:34 PM

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — Ethiopian forces entered archrival Eritrea on Thursday and carried out what a government spokesman described as “a successful attack” against military posts.

U.S. Should Force Ethiopian Military Proxy Out Of Eritrea: here.

New Ethiopian Troops Reach Guri’el Town, Central Somalia: here.

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