Ethiopians oppose G8 support for their dictator

This video is called Ethiopian troops’ massacre of Somali civilians April 21-2108.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Ethiopians furious over PM’s invitation

Sunday 20 May 2012

More than 200 US-based Ethiopian activists packed into the town square in Thurmont, Maryland, on Saturday to protest against the east African country’s prime minister’s invitation to the G8 summit.

The flag-waving Ethiopian immigrants were protesting against the rule of Meles Zenawi, who was invited along with the heads of Benin, Ghana and Tanzania to discuss food security at Camp David.

The US is a major contributor of aid to Ethiopia, whose leader has been accused of restricting freedoms and news media.

“Shame on you!” chanted the protesters, many waving their country’s red, green and yellow flag.

Some held a banner saying: “Zenawi: brutal dictator, pathological liar, mass murderer.”

Police had restricted demonstrators to Thurmont, several miles from the presidential retreat.

A handful of demonstrators from Occupy movements in Baltimore, Washington and Connecticut, joined in.

But many had gone to Chicago to join demonstrations against the Nato meeting starting on Sunday.

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