British Blairites’ dictatorial friends

This video, recorded in Britain, says about itself:

Tony Blair of the United Kingdom and Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia faced angry protestors for their war crimes and human rights abuses committed, May 2012.

From Socialist Worker weekly in Britain:

Blairites on the back foot

Progress, the Blairite faction of the Labour Party, is on the defensive over calls for its expulsion.

So it has put out a list of its donors to show all is above board. Two names stick out.

One is the European Azerbaijan Society, apologists for its regime. The other is PR firm Bell Pottinger—hired lobbyists for the regimes of Bahrain and Syria.

Why is Tony Blair lending credibility to Kazakhstan’s dictator? Here.

20 thoughts on “British Blairites’ dictatorial friends

  1. Journalist victim of drugs ‘fit-up’

    Azerbaijan: Rights activists say a journalist best known for creating a wildly popular internet video that became a cult favorite in Russia has been arrested on drugs charges.

    The Reporters’ Freedom and Safety Institute said today that Qilal Mammadov’s relatives insist he is the victim of a police set-up.

    He is a member of Azerbaijan’s Talysh ethnic minority and edits local newspaper Talysh Voice.


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  3. Kazakhs pay billions for slice of resources

    KAZAKHSTAN: The government forked out £1.29 billion to foreign-owned firm Karachaganak today for a tiny 10 per cent slice of a massive project to extract oil and gas from beneath the country’s territory.

    The deal marks the end of two-year talks where the firm’s British, US, Italian and Russian owners had resisted the state’s attempts to profit from its own resources.

    However under the terms Kazakhstan will forfeit custom duties on exports from the project for 26 years.


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