British government betrays British refugee from Ethiopian dictatorship

This video says about itself:

Atrocious Torture and Inhuman Treatment in Ethiopia…part 1

30 June 2013

It is a personal testimony of a person who was detained and tortured by the tyrannical regime in Ethiopia.

By Paddy McGuffin in Britain:

Tories won’t push to free Londoner

Saturday 4th April 2014

FOREIGN Secretary Philip Hammond has refused to request the release of a British citizen who was kidnapped and taken to Ethiopia over nine months ago, rights organisation Reprieve alleged yesterday.

London dad Andargachew “Andy” Tsege has been held at a secret location in Ethiopia since he was abducted in June 2014 while in transit at Sanaa airport, Yemen.

A prominent critic of human rights abuses in Ethiopia, Mr Tsege faces a death sentence imposed in absentia in 2009.

He has not been seen since December, when the British government was granted a brief and heavily monitored meeting.

Despite this, Reprieve said yesterday that it had been informed by the Foreign Office that instead of requesting his release, it will press Ethiopia to follow due process.

“The UK’s failure to even ask for Andy Tsege’s release over the past nine months is nothing short of a scandal,” said Reprieve death penalty team head Maya Foa.

“We’re talking about the illegal kidnap, rendition and possible torture of a British citizen — and a father of young children — by a government that had already sentenced him to death on trumped-up politically motivated charges.”

The Ethiopian government has refused to say whether it will carry out the death sentence and has rejected requests by Mr Tsege’s family, British officials and Reprieve lawyers to visit him in prison.

“The government of Ethiopia is supposed to be a close ally, but its refusal to reveal where Andy is being held or how he’s being treated shows only contempt for the UK and for Andy’s rights,” Ms Foa said.

Andy Tsege: Fears grow over state of mind of British activist who languishes in Ethiopian jail: here.

Philip Hammond warns Ethiopia over treatment of Briton on death row. Foreign secretary condemns detention of Andargachew Tsige in solitary confinement with no access to consular help or right to appeal: here.

MINISTERS must use the African Union summit in Ethiopia to press for the release of a British man renditioned to the country, human rights organisation Reprieve said yesterday. Foreign Office Minister James Duddridge is attending the Union’s 10-day annual summit in Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, which started yesterday. Reprieve has written to Mr Duddridge, urging him to try and secure the release of Andargachew Tsege, a British father of three and political activist who is being detained with a death sentence hanging over him: here.

A British national seized and held captive by the Ethiopian government is in dire need of our support, writes KATE HODGSON. BRITISH national Ethiopian-born Andargachew “Andy” Tsege suffers in a living nightmare over 3,600 miles away: here.

16 thoughts on “British government betrays British refugee from Ethiopian dictatorship

  1. Ethiopian hotel staff sacked for joining union

    Sixty workers at the Sheraton hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, part of the Starwood Group Inc, have been sacked for joining a trade union. Some of them had 16 years of service with the company.

    A similar dispute is underway at a Sheraton hotel in the Maldives, where 10 union officials and 100 members have also been sacked. A proposed meeting of union members was banned at the hotel on the basis that the island was private property. The Starwood Group Inc. boasts of being the most global high-end hotel company in the world, with 1,200 plus hotels and resorts.

    The international Union of Food Workers held a demonstration outside the Le Méridien, a Sheraton hotel in Piccadilly, London to highlight the Ethiopian and Maldives hotel workers’ case.


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  6. Tuesday 22nd March 2016

    posted by Joana Ramiro in Britain

    THE British government is funding and training Ethiopian forces suspected of kidnapping a British citizen, rights group Reprieve said yesterday.

    A freedom of information request made by the group has revealed that £1 million of public funds were given to the east African country’s military in the form of “security management” postgraduate programmes and military training.

    British support for the Ethiopian government has been severely criticised by the charity, which believes the money helps missions such as the kidnap and rendition of Andargachew “Andy” Tsege.

    #Mr Tsege, a father-of-three from London and a prominent political figure in Ethiopia, was seized by security forces when crossing the border between Eritrea and Yemen.

    The leader of democracy movement Ginbot 7 is currently on death row in Addis Ababa.Reprieve spokeswoman Maya Foa said: “This funding raises potentially serious questions over the UK’s approach to Ethiopia’s security forces — forces who were responsible for the kidnap and rendition to Ethiopia of British national Andy Tsege in June 2014.

    “Whilst there is, of course, a place for legitimate security co-operation between Ethiopia and the UK, the government should ensure that the support it provides does not in any way contribute to the abuses that Andy Tsege currently faces. “Ministers must use the relationship to request Andy’s release and his return home to his family in Britain.”

    According to Ethiopian media reports, British Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to visit the country at the end of this month for talks on “security issues.”

    The case of Mr Tsege is also expected to be discussed during the visit.


  7. Tuesday, 22 March 2016

    Cameron and Osborne on the way out as Tory Party tears apart – now bring them down!

    LAST Wednesday Chancellor Osborne, with all the arrogance of a Tory millionaire born to rule, stood up in parliament and announced that he was pushing ahead with cuts calculated to save £4.4 billion through disability benefit cuts in order to pay for tax cuts for the well-off and rich.

    Yesterday the brand new Work and Pensions secretary, Stephen Crabb, announced that the cuts to disability benefits, named Personal Independence Payments (PIP), have been abandoned and that the money would have to be made by other cuts to the welfare budget.

    Crabb has been drafted in to take over the post from Iain Duncan Smith, who exploded a political bomb under both Osborne and Cameron by resigning last Friday, denouncing the Chancellor, accusing him of pursuing a ‘desperate search for savings’ at the expense of the very poorest in society in order to enrich the natural supporters of the Tory party.

    The mantle of ‘humanitarian Tory’ sits badly on the shoulders of a man who, for the past six years, has hammered benefits through caps to Universal Credit and the Bedroom Tax, but that didn’t stop Duncan Smith from tearing into both Osborne and Cameron in an interview on Sunday when he accused them of ‘dividing society’ with their austerity cuts.

    The talk of a ‘divided society’ masks the very real fear being felt by a section of the Tory party that Osborne’s blatant budget hand-out to Tory voting ‘middle England’ was pouring fuel on the fire of the rising revolutionary mood amongst workers against austerity.

    Duncan Smith and his co-thinkers on the euro-sceptic wing of the Tory party were also convinced that Osborne’s budget, which contained nothing but a tissue of lies about the state of the British capitalist economy, was designed purely as a stop-gap to tide Cameron’s government over until the EU referendum on June 23.

    By bribing the Tory shires, who are overwhelmingly euro-sceptic, Duncan Smith believes that Cameron is desperately trying to shore up the vote to remain in the EU; by resigning Duncan Smith has sought to derail Cameron and Osborne and scupper their plans.

    What is clear is that the Tory Party is undergoing a terminal meltdown. Osborne is on the way out, taking with him his close friend and political twin Cameron. What is also clear is that the banks and big businesses that are desperate to stay in the EU are now forced more than ever to rely on the leadership of the trade unions and Labour Party to rescue them by delivering the working class vote to remain.

    Unite, the largest trade union in Britain, along with the TUC, is spearheading this campaign in the full knowledge that the only thing that can rescue Cameron is a ‘Yes’ vote. Unite members must not allow their cringing leaders to call the tune. It is a disgrace that at the time of the biggest crisis ever of this anti-working class government, these leaders move in to help them out.

    We call on all Unite members and all trade union members to take action now and insist a general strike is called to bring this weak, crisis-ridden and bitterly divided Tory government down. The way forward for the working class is clear. They must unite behind the junior doctors and all those in struggle against the Tories, and call every single union out on strike to take on this government and bring it down.

    The Tories must be replaced with a workers government that would expropriate the banks and industry and place them under the control of the working class and establish a planned socialist economy.


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