Ethiopian British political prisoner freed

This video from Britain says about itself:

Father’s Day Messages for Andy Tsege & Boris Johnson

18 June 2017

Andy Tsege’s 10-year-old twins Yilak and Menabe send Father’s Day messages to their dad and to Boris Johnson, asking him to help reunite them with their Dad.

Andy Tsege is a British father of three who has been on death row in Ethiopia for nearly three years. Andy, a prominent critic of the Ethiopian government, was kidnapped and taken to face a politically motivated death sentence illegally handed down when he was living in London with his partner and three children, Helawit (now 17) and twins Yilak and Menabe (now 10).

From daily The Morning Star in Britain today:

Andy Tsege is free

ETHIOPIA’S decision to pardon and release Andy Tsege, a British citizen who was kidnapped abroad in order to be jailed in the country, is a welcome end to a long-standing injustice.

Addis Ababa would not have released Tsege without the pressure it has faced from below with mass protests against the government forcing the prime minister from office last week.

But his freedom is also down to the dogged campaigning of his family and supporters over here — including that of his MP, now leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn consistently highlighted Tsege’s plight, including by planning a delegation to Ethiopia to visit him that was only called off when the authorities made it clear they would not be permitted access.

That commitment to justice has been displayed too in his relentless campaigning for the release of other innocent prisoners such as Shaker Aamer, the British resident locked up in the US concentration camp of Guantanamo Bay without trial for over 13 years until his release in 2015.

The contrast with May, whose indifference to the fate of Britons jailed abroad is matched by her zeal to deport people from our own shores whether or not they have a right to be here, is stark.

The Tsege story is one more reminder why we need to replace the Prime Minister with the most principled leader of the opposition our country has seen.

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