16 thoughts on “British government lets Ethiopian dictatorial allies torture, kill British citizen

  1. Daily, the news is the same in terms of violence, and state oppression, terrorism in its present form such as the killing of the odd soldier here and their by terrorists, are only going to strengthen state control of the public, and to endorse the establishment of control and endorse its authoritarian culture, we need to reject establishment values as being immoral and protecting a unknown small group of individuals who profit from violence, at present many writers who are against the present establishment of corruption, are writing in a way that is not speaking as a idiom that many can understand, thus, any change in the overthrow of governments that deny natural justice and are culpable in the destruction of cities and people throughout our planet, this is primarily to strengthen the financial elites position and continue a program that is as outcome, the destruction of valuable resources and to continue its manipulation and destruction of the minds of billions of people.


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