British political prisoner’s life threatened by Ethiopian dictatorship

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Brave Young Girl Fights For Her Activist Father To Be Freed From Prison | Good Morning Britain

Broadcast on 2/06/2016

Menabe Andargachew wrote to the Prime Minister and the Queen to ask for more help in getting her father released from prison in Ethiopa, where he is being held on death row for criticising the government.

By Sofia Lotto Persio in Britain:

Government sued by daughter of man on Ethiopia‘s death row

Wednesday 7th September 2016

THE nine-year-old daughter of a British activist facing execution in Ethiopia is suing the British government for failing to press for her father’s release. Menabe Tsege’s case against the Foreign Office will be heard at the High Court in London today.

Her lawyers began judicial proceedings over ministers’ handling of the case of her father, Andargachew “Andy” Tsege, a British citizen and exiled leader of Ethiopian opposition movement Ginbot 7.

He was kidnapped in June 2014 while transiting through Yemen and illegally rendered to Ethiopia, where he had been sentenced to death at a trial in absentia in 2009.

According to the lawyers, the illegality of Mr Tsege’s kidnapping, detention and death sentence makes the British government’s stance unlawful.
The Foreign Office has not requested his release but has merely asked the Ethiopian government to allow him access to a lawyer.

International human rights organisation Reprieve warned that Mr Tsege has no chance of receiving a fair trial.

“It’s clear that Andy faces no prospect of due process in Ethiopia, as he’s already received an illegal in absentia death sentence which the Ethiopian government has confirmed he has no hope of appealing,” said Maya Foa, director of the death penalty team at Reprieve.

“The British government must not allow Andy’s abuse to go on any longer. It must urgently call for his release, so that he can return to his family in London. ”During a visit to Ethiopia in June, then foreign secretary Philip Hammond said he had “received a commitment from the prime minister that Mr Tsege will be allowed access to independent legal advice,” but this promise has yet to be kept.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson published an open letter on August 26 pledging that the government would continue to request that Mr Tsege be allowed access to legal representation and seek to ensure that the death sentence is not carried out.

“Britain does not interfere in the legal systems of other countries by challenging convictions,” Mr Johnson added.

13 thoughts on “British political prisoner’s life threatened by Ethiopian dictatorship

  1. Thursday 8th September 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    A NINE-YEAR-OLD girl was denied the right to sue the government yesterday for failing to press for her father’s release from death row in Ethiopia.

    The High Court rejected the request for a judicial review into the government’s handling of the case of Andargachew Tsege, known as Andy, a British citizen and leading critic of Ethiopia’s government, which has sentenced him to death.

    Lawyers for his nine-year old daughter Menabe argued that the government’s refusal to demand her father’s release was unlawful, but a judge found that its approach to the case was neither irrational nor unlawful.

    Mr Justice Mitting ruled the challenge “unarguable”


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  4. Friday 17th February 2017

    posted by Steve Sweeney in Britain

    BORIS JOHNSON must secure the immediate release of a British father from death row in Ethiopia, leading QCs demanded in a letter yesterday.

    Tory MP Dominic Grieve, Labour’s Lord Falconer and Liberal Democrat peer Ken MacDonald wrote to the Foreign Secretary raising concerns about Andy Tsege, a British father of three from London.

    Mr Tsege is a prominent Ethiopian opposition politician who was kidnapped by security forces in Yemen in 2014 during a stopover while travelling to Eritrea.

    He was then illegally rendered to Ethiopia, where he is being held under sentence of death. Legal charity Reprieve alleges that British aid money has probably been used to train those involved in Mr Tsege’s abduction.

    Mr Johnson has so far refused to call for Mr Tsege’s release, saying that the British government does not interfere in foreign judicial proceedings.

    However, the letter slams the Foreign Office’s approach, arguing that British diplomats should be demanding Mr Tsege’s immediate return to this country.

    Foreign Office efforts to secure legal support for Mr Tsege ignore statements by the Ethiopian prime minister and foreign minister that “there is no appeal process available to Mr Tsege.”

    “It is hard to see how legal representation will help him in any way,” the letter reads.

    The QCs highlight “several recent examples in which the government has intervened and sometimes been able to secure the release of British nationals arbitrarily detained abroad.”

    Reprieve spokeswoman Harriet McCulloch said the letter was “a wake-up call for Boris Johnson” and that he should listen to the warnings from the top lawyers and start negotiating for Mr Tsege’s release and return to Britain.

    “After three years in terrible conditions on Ethiopia’s death row, it is high time Andy is reunited with his family in London,” she insisted.


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  6. Thursday 11th May 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    by Felicity Collier

    BORIS JOHNSON must push for the release of a British father illegally detained on death row in Ethiopia when he meets the country’s prime minister today, legal action charity Reprieve is demanding.

    Andy Tsege, a prominent Ethiopian civil rights activist who fled to Britain in the 1970s in fear of his life, was tried in absentia during a brutal government crackdown on the opposition in 2009.

    Despite not having set foot in the country for a decade, he was convicted of terrorism offences and sentenced to death.

    In June 2014, he was illegally kidnapped in a Yemeni airport and rendered to Ethiopia where he was held in solitary confinement for a year without due process before being transferred to the infamous Kality prison.

    Despite having gained political asylum in Britain and having three children and a partner in London, the British government has refused to do anything for Mr Tsege.

    Jeremy Corbyn, Mr Tsege’s MP, has repeatedly raised the case and was even turned away from Ethiopia in February 2015 when he sought to intercede on his behalf.

    Reprieve called on Mr Johnson to act when he meets Ethiopian PM Hailemariam Desalegn at the London Somalia Conference today.

    Reprieve’s deputy director Harriet McCulloch said: “Boris Johnson is rolling out the red carpet for a man who has overseen the scandalous kidnap and rendition of a British dad — Andy Tsege, who now languishes on death row.

    “Andy and his family have been through a horrifying ordeal at the hands of Hailemariam Desalegn’s government.

    “Boris Johnson must use this rare chance to seek Andy’s urgent return home, before it’s too late.”

    Last year, Mr Tsege’s wife Yemi Hailemariam, who is not allowed to visit her husband, said of his imprisonment: “There is no place more dangerous for him in the world.

    “Here in London, I look at our three children and it just breaks my heart.

    “It is especially hard on them. Sometimes the children cry and talk about their fears that their papa may not come home.”

    A petition set up by the charity Reprieve calling for Mr Tsege’s release has gained over 55,000 signatures so far.

    Mr Johnson boasted of making progress in Mr Tsege’s case after a visit to Ethiopia in March, saying he had received a promise that the jailed Brit would have access to a lawyer.

    But the pledge is next to useless as numerous Ethiopian government officials have said that no appeal process is available to Mr Tsege.


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